Bragging Rights Poster: Sign of Things To Come?

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 29, 2010

Yesterday, WWE revealed their poster for this years Bragging Rights. The event, which replaced Cyber Sunday, was my favorite PPV of last year. The Opposing Brands competed in a string of matches to determine the better brand. Smackdown! swept the PPV, only losing one match, when John Morrison was pinned by The Miz. 

This year's poster features RAW Superstars John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, & Sheamus as well as Smackdown! Superstars The Undertaker, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Kane, & Drew McIntyre.

Being that the current champions, Sheamus & Kane are not as prominently featured as they should be, could this mean title changes?

I'll get to that, but what catches my eye in the poster is The Nexus logo at the top. The Nexus angle is reportedly ending in October. This PPV takes place on October 24th. I am predicting this being the last time we will see the Nexus as a whole.

Back to the champion situation. Sheamus has six other Superstars to defeat in two weeks at Night of Champions. Many believe Wade Barrett or Randy Orton will prevail, but I have to disagree. John Cena almost never loses a match. Last time he competed in this match, he won. So Cena's my pick.

But where does that leave current Champ Sheamus? Looking at the poster, WWE has the potential to make a star. The Celtic Warrior faces the man directly across from him, Drew McIntyre. Drew has changed my opinion of him in the last few weeks. He is the real definition of ruthless aggression. Having him face Sheamus, an already established Superstar, could push him to top of Smackdown!

Those two could work great together, let's take a look at the other possible matchups. Kane vs. Mark Henry is a bore. Despite the rampage Kane has been on, putting him in a match with Henry, who is currently a job, doesn't sit well with me. It has been done before. That brings me to the most exciting match: Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne.

A match between these two, with proper buildup could be HUGE. Yeah I know Mysterio is feuding with Del Rio, but with Del Rio's backstage attitude, his push is going to drop faster than Cena did after that RKO Monday. Evan hasn't been properly used lately, with his three week push. A match with Rey could do wonders for Bourne. Even if he was on the losing end. If it's anything like Jomo vs Rey Mysterio last year, it will live up to expectations.

Next we got Kingston & The Miz. Another match we have already seen. But lately Kingston has been showing signs of a heel turn. He has been pummeling Ziggler for the past couple of weeks. The Miz is going to eventually drop the U.S. title to Daniel Bryan. Kingston won't reclaim the Intercontinental title. So why not? Perfect chance to put these guys over as Main Eventers. 

As for Orton & The Big Show, I really don't see this one happening. But WWE can sometimes throw us a curve ball. If these two were to face off, one would have to turn heel. Orton's not necessarily a face, but if your getting louder pops then John Cena, fans love you. 

John Cena & The Undertaker is a match that WWE needs to make happen. Yeah, we've seen it before. The Undertaker kicked Cena's a**. But that was almost six years ago. Cena is no longer a rapper; he is the face of the WWE. I'm betting on both holding the World Titles at the time. Champion vs Champion. I don't believe it should be a unification match. But it would be explosive, with proper buildup, and if Cena was heel. The chance of that happening in this lifetime is definitely slim.

Agree or Disagree with these matches?