5 Reasons why the Cruiserweight Title should come back to WWE

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2010

5 Reasons why the Cruiserweight Title should come back to WWE

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    The following is 5 Reasons why WWE should bring back the cruiserweight Title belt.It is used for wrestlers under 230 pounds.It created lots of generally great matches.Their high speed action and hard bumps they took entertained the crowd for many years in WCW and WWE.

    Rey Mysterio perhaps being the most well known legend of the cruiserweights Division has held the Cruiserweight Title...and is one of the few to hold the Cruiserweight Title and win the World Title along with Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero.

They become Victims to larger Superstars

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    The Cruiserweights have typically been known to be Victims of larger superstars,such as being powerbombed Through tables,chokeslammed to the mat and just overall picked on about their size.

    Because of the majority roster being over 240 pounds,the superstars are bound to have a huge power disadvantage over most.


Gimmicks become ridiculous

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    Chavo Guerrero is a prime example of being given a ridiculous gimmick which was proven to go nowhere fast.When Chavo debuted as Kerwin White,it marked an alltime low in Chavo's career.To add insult to injury of being on RAW,Chavo....or Kerwin was mainly jobbing and not seen in any decent matches.

    Most luchadors are honored and seen to be serious in Mexico,and Japan,but when guys like Chavo are given a gimmick like this...or not given a gimmick somewhat like Evan Bourne to where he depends on his high flying ability to tell the story for him.

    Cruiserweights tend to be steriotypical and just downright ridiculous.

Lots of Good-byes and retirements

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    Shawn Michaels as much as WWE tried to avoid it...HBK was a cruiserweight and qualified to be in the Cruiserweight Division being at 225 pounds.The only time Fans was capable of making this reality was on WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain where you can clearly see HBK was in the contention spot for the Cruiserweight Title,this is also true for other superstars even former WWE star Elijah Burke who was on the borderline of not bein in the cruiserweight spot at 230 pounds (the weight limit).

    Other good names such as Spike Dudley at 150 pounds was dominate in the cruiserweight division and so was Billy Kidman and others,when the cruiserweight title left...so did their careers.

Desperation for the Spotlight

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    We get those who accept that they can be released and ignored and we get Blue Meanie standing at a staggering 6"1...and 435 pounds!?This guy is huge he is near the size of Big Show weight wise and bigger then The Great Khali weight wise.In Reality if Blue Meanie was to drop to 220 pounds or 225 since he is the same height as Shawn Michaels,he would look very slim and in shape.

    Him just being dressed in blue wasnt enough for him...him being the biggest little guy was his way of sending a message...to his dismay he was just a joke to fans mainly.

    Charlie Haas did his best also to avoid the cruiserweight division,he made it up to 242 pounds to avoid it,he had all the skills and speed in the world but still got released regardless.

Future uncertain for future high-flyers

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    Evan Bourne and Primo,and others are in jeapordy of just being lost in the midst of John Cena and Triple H and others.It would amaze me if Evan even got one title reign. The future of high-flyers who WWE signs daily and throw under development and for those who WWE considers too small to make it bigger then anything else.

    Evan holding the cruiserweight title and going against Rey Mysterio to rival wid it,would definitly propel when WWE goes international big time.

    If you look closely you would also see you got to start off somewhere also.Chris Jericho,Eddie Guerrero,even little Rey Mysterio have had a history with the cruiserweight title before moving on to bigger and better things.To just revoke that to future light heavyweights and cruiserweights ensures that their career would be as silent as possible to dismay of fans and themselves.Such as Funaki being rarely shown on TV.Whenever fans saw Funaki a huge pop of the crowd normally happens.

Good Reasons?

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    If WWE was to honestly care about developing legends and care about making a superstar and fans happy they would do it,otherwise WWE would pratically make little people out to be a joke.

    Some of the greatest and purest athletes in the world hold the cruiserweight title,and if you ask me,the cruiserweight championship is one of the few championships where the best conditioned pure athlete will hold the belt.