"Beijing 2008"

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IAugust 6, 2008

I have waited some time to bring myself together to write this article,but with the "Olympics" only about three days away and the drug stories that are coming my way,.it was a must.

"Tamsyn Lewis" is one of "Australia's" fine female track stars and the following was her quote in "The Sydney Daily Telegraph"-

"I have no doubts that when I line up next week on the start line,I will look left and right and know the other girls aren't all clean",she goes on to say-

That is such a disgrace.I have lost all faith in the system,because there are so many athletes who are slipping under the radar,.that is not sport,that is cheating",end quote.

Those words bring me to the exact article that I have been avoiding to write about.

I have been through this with a "World Team" that I coached in 2001 and I was proud to say-we went to the other side of the world and back, without any problems what so ever,..because I would not tolerate (anything), that would make one of my players  speak in such a manner,.as "Tamsyn Lewis".

As far as I am concerned and what most clean athletes know,.the egolstical people responsible for our athletes close their eyes to most of this "Drug" and "Substance Abuse"-WHY,.because they are the same as the athlete who cheats,.they will do anything to win,.cheaters have no Morals.

It has been proven by the "Drug Testing People", that "Random Drug Testing" can be beat,.if the cheaters were not able to slip through the cracks and beat the system,.why then, the cheaters would not have to return their stolen medals when caught.

Can you imagine a cheating athlete standing on the "Podium", receiving a Medal,.knowing full well,.he or she,. was,."Stealing A Dream Of A Honest Athlete".

I can only see one way to correct it,..testing must be done at least once a week.