WWE 900th Raw Celebration: Finally The Rock Has Come Back?

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIAugust 29, 2010

Wishful thinking?  Maybe.

We haven't seen hide or hare of The Rock in the WWE since October 2, 2009 when he was on a pre-recorded video for the 10th Anniversary of Smackdown.

Let's face it.  The facts are there.  It is not, "if The Rock comes back."  It is, "when The Rock comes back."

Despite all of his roles in film recently, he plans on making the time to return for not just one night, but to shake things up a bit and "entertain the fans like they haven't been in years." 

Now, that isn't going to be an easy task with the new PG moniker in the WWE, but if anyone can do it, The Rock can.

The Rock has wrapped up filming "Faster" a while back, which comes out this November.

This summer, Rock was booked for a few months filming Fast Five, the fifth installment of the Fast and the Furious series.  He plays one of the main roles, a detective named Hobbs.

Word has it, the plan was to shoot Fast Five in Brazil from July to the end of August.

In reality, you would have to be a stalker, or on the inside, to know where Dwayne Johnson is right now.

However, if he makes an appearance at the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday night, it will only raise the chances of him flying to Boston on Monday for Raw.

I think that the WWE has done the General Manager position the way they have because they didn't know who exactly was going to fill the shoes of past managers.

For over a month now, Michael Cole has read off of a monitor at ringside, receiving messages via e-mail from the "General Manager". 

I am one of many, who think that the plan has evolved around getting The Rock back on WWE television.

What better way to celebrate Raw's 900th episode and seventeen years on television then to have one of the most biggest pieces to the Raw puzzle in history return.

"Finally, The Rock has come back to Monday Night Raw?"

I sure do hope so.