From Sox to Sux: Why Manny Will Follow in The Footsteps Of The Others

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IAugust 5, 2008

Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe, Mo Vaughn, Nomar Garciaparra, Trot Nixon.

These are just a few of the names that have turned out to be duds after their careers in a Boston Red Sox uniform. Don't believe me? The proof is in the pudding. Below is a listing of how each has done in their careers both with and without Boston. The stats may surprise you.


Pedro Martinez

With Boston WL Record: 117-37 (seven seasons)

With New York WL Record: 30-19 (four seasons)


Derek Lowe

With Boston WL Record: 70-55 (7.5 seasons) Saves: 85

With L.A. WL Record: 48-46 (four seasons) Saves: 0


Mo Vaughn

With Boston: 230 HR's, 752 RBI, .297 batting avg. (eight seasons)

After Boston (NYM and ANA): 98 HRs, 312 RBI, .250 batting avg. (four seasons)


Nomar Garciaparra

With Boston: 178 HR's, 690 RBI, .332 batting avg. (8.5 seasons)

After Boston (CHC and LAD): 45 HRs, 221 RBI, .289 batting avg. (4.5 seasons)


Trot Nixon

With Boston: 133 HR's, 523 RBI, .281 batting avg. (eight seasons excluding his first two in limited time)

After Boston: Four HR's, 32 RBI, .211 batting avg. (two seasons in somewhat limited time)


The fact is that Manny Ramirez is in the exact same boat as these players were when they left Boston. Pedro Martinez was 33 years old when he left Boston. Lowe was 32, Nomar was 31, Vaughn was 31, and Nixon was 32. Ramirez is 36, which is three years older than any of the other aforementioned players. 

Ramirez obviously can still get it done. No doubt. He is the best player out of any of the previously mentioned players as well. However, as the old saying goes, if history is any indicator, "Manny being Manny" has a short time left before Manny is Nomar, Pedro, Lowe, Nixon, or Vaughn.

Many of you fans may be saying that of course as age goes on, players stats will decrease, and so forth. If you take a look, even taking that into account with all of the Sox mentioned in this article, they have not fared nearly half as well.

I understand that Nixon has only had two seasons with other ball clubs, hence the notes made by his name. Yet, the fact remains that former Sox players always seem to do worse than their years at the Green Monstah after they are traded or let go. 

Manny will still produce for the Dodgers this year, and next year, barring any injuries. However, to say that Manny will continue to put up 30 HR's and 100 RBI's for the next two to three years is not only absurd, but false based on history. Manny will cease to be Manny, and the Sox will not look so stupid in the end.  Pat yourself on the back Theo Epstein. You've done it again.