Can Brett Favre Really Do Wrong?

candice rohrmanContributor IAugust 5, 2008

Every sports station and show has said it or implied it.

By constantly changing his mind about retiring or playing, Brett Favre has apparently upset numerous amounts of his previous fans. That is, according to the older and retired players who have discussed the subject to death for the summer's entirety. 

But has he really tarnished his legacy?

Ben Roethlisberger explained it best in an ESPN interview, with a simple comment of "He's Brett Favre; he can do what he wants." 

Living legends do sometimes drag on their career in small, but largely publicized, comebacks. Michael Jordan's stint with the Wizards is a perfect example, as he was well past his prime. But considering the year that Favre had last year, it seems he should have a few more good years in him, and the Packers should have been begging him to come back since March. 

But the Packers organization has "moved on." Moved on because Ted Thompson has let his pride get in the way of this entire process. It would be interesting to see if his actions would be different had the Packers not picked two quarterbacks in the draft.

The Packers will be singing a different tune if they don't allow Favre to retrieve his old job or trade him. Green Bay fans already have begun booing Aaron Rodgers, and celebrating the return of Favre. Not protesting his return, or picketing that he retire, but by waiting for Favre's plane to land in Wisconsin decked out in gear celebrating Farve. 

The latest turn in the saga seems to leave no other alternative than trading Favre, as the Packers still are saying that Rodgers is still going to be their quarterback. This quarterback chiming is eerily similar to Lovie Smith's chant of "Rex Grossman is our quarterback." As we can all see, that didn't really work in the Bears' favor. And unless Aaron Rodgers is the next Steve Young, it doesn't seem as if this situation will work out for the Packers, either. 

At least trading Grossman would make some sort of logical sense.

And on a further note, if the Packers are dumb enough to trade Favre to a division rival, mainly the Vikings, I'm jumping off a cliff, because, damnit, this is the Cowboys' year. And Favre would be the final touch to an otherwise stacked team. 

Finally, what do you all think? I'm not in the least a Favre fan, but if I was I would just be happy that he was coming back, even if he took five months to figure it all out. I wouldn't be upset about the waffling or the summer drama as long as he was going to continue to play. 

And I'm sure ESPN's done at least four hours of Favre coverage in the past few days, and discussed every possible aspect of the meeting between McCarthy and Favre, but since I just moved into a new place, I don't have cable for a couple more days and I am going insane. I haven't gone this long without SportsCenter for years, so I am sure that I am probably some what behind on the latest edition in this never ending drama.