What More Is There to Lose In Wrestling?Why So Fast?Why So Sudden?

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2010

It makes me sad when i go on WWE.com to catch up on shows to enjoy and see results from what happened,it makes me sad when instead of seeing the highlight of the night i end up with sad news that a wrestler has passed away.Luna Vachon being the most recent death.

It has turned into a chain of deaths,it used to be fans lose icons and legends such as Road Warrior Hawk,Cpt Lou Albano,Mr.Perfect etc.Nowadays we are losing people that we see on TV Now.The Whole reality kicked in years ago when the whole WWE universe mourned the death of former World Champion the late Eddie Guerrero.When that death happened the reality began to kick in that the wrestlers are just as human as anyone else and they have a limit.People used to say that they can confidently say they are sure they can see their favorite wrestler next week,now its a question mark for a few if we can see them.One of the youngest deaths is Lance Cade who was not a day over 30.All The wrestlers that are here now we should cherish  the moment,and enjoy every moment of it.As fans we dont know what be going on in the wrestler's head as we watch them on T.V.We dont even know what be going through their mind if we shake their hands. The Rabid Wolverine is perhaps the best example of that.A week prior to that everyone said the same exact thing "He seemed OK then!".

Just because a wrestler seems ok,does not mean he or she really is.Sometimes you really dont know a wrestler until you read his autobiography or watch his biography on DVD to the fullest.I read the book on Eddie Guerrero...it was unbelievable,just weeks before his death,i finished his book.His book was full of magnificent in depth details about what all he went through.About 8 years ago we used to just worry about losing old wrestlers and managers such as Classie Freddie Blassie to old age,now we are looking at everyone including the youngest of superstars.

Lots of disappointed fans are losing wrestlers that they can only wish of meeting now.When i see fans disrespect WWE,TNA,ROH,and former ECW Alumni it makes me sick.All these men are entertainers,but they are much more then that,they are humans,with a special gift to go out there night in and night out and do what we been seeing them do for well over 20 years since the whole company came to pass.All i can say is cherish every moment you have with a wrestler,it could be their last sadly.