ECW Review(8/5/08): Hardy and Henry clean up the Dirt Sheet

James McKayCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

ECW kicked off the night by having some changes to it's announce team. Tazz was M.I.A. for the night, but should be back next week. He was replaced by Matt Stryker, and Todd Grisham was filling in for the recently departed Mike Adamle, who is now the new Raw GM.

The first match was Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely vs. Evan Bourne and Ricky Ortiz. Ricky Ortiz defeated Chavo Guerrero last week on ECW via disqualification, and Evan Bourne ran in for the save before Guerrero and Neely got too good of a beating on Ortiz. This set up the tag match for this week, to seemingly put Bourne and Ortiz over, and add some heat to a feuding Chavo Guerrero and Evan Bourne.

The match stayed at a pretty good pace. Evan Bourne got the biggest pop of the match when he was tagged in. Evan Bourne hit a double knee drop to the sternum of a standing Bam Neely, which was the most exciting maneuver of the night. Bourne pins Neely via a very unique roll-up and Ortiz and Bourne get a victory over Guerrero and Neely. Bourne backs up the ramp exchanging words with Guerrero who is in the ring, angry over the loss.

Mike Knox comes out to the ring and starts cutting a promo. He claims that he wants to "expose the fraud they call Finlay." He shows the video of Hornswoggle and Finlay dancing that is used in the Summerslam commercials and claims that Finlay has gone soft. Finlay interrupts Knox and comes down to the ring. Finlay challenges Knox to take a shot at him to see if he has really gone soft or not. Mike Knox stares him down and then backs out of the ring and up the ramp.

The next match is Armando Estrada vs. Tommy Dreamer. This is Estrada's last chance to earn a spot on the ECW roster. After some grappling back and forth, Colin Delaney comes out to ringside and grabs a chair. Dreamer spots him and gets out the ring to confront him. Delaney turns around and is so spooked by Dreamers presence that he runs and hides under the announce table. Delaney seemingly wants nothing to do with a pissed off Tommy Dreamer after he turned on him and has screwed him on numerous occasions. Dreamer gets back in the ring to resume the match, but Delaney climbs on the apron for another distraction. Dreamer spots Delaney again and Delaney eats ring post and falls off the apron to the floor. Estrada takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up Dreamer for the pin. After the match, Teddy Long enters the locker room where Delaney and Estrada are talking, and announces that next week, Colin Delaney will face Tommy Dreamer in an extreme rules match.

The next match is a jobber by the name of James Curtis vs. Braden Walker. In my opinion this was the worse match on the card. The match went back and forth for about three minutes before Walker pinned Curtis via a poorly executed fisherman's suplex.

The final segment was the first ever "Dirt Sheet" on live television with Miz and Morrison. Miz and Morrison are in the ring and they jokingly bring up their first guest on the titantron, Mark Henry. However it is just a picture of Mark Henry with the mouth cut out, and somebody else mouth inserted to do all the talking and mock Mark Henry. They make Henry out to be an idiotic gorilla-man, and I got a few laughs out of it. Then they bring up the same act with Tony Atlas. They take a cheap shot at tony atlas by having him say that he only came back to the WWE for money. Having heard enough of their shenanigans, Mark Henry and Tony Atlas storm down to the ring in an angry fashion, and get in the ring to pick a fight with Miz and Morrison. Miz and Morrison quickly turn the angry men's attention to the titantron, and get their focus on their real threat, Matt Hardy. Miz and Morrison use the same moving mouth bit and make the Matt Hardy picture cry about not being good at anything and always being in Jeff Hardy's shadow. Matt Hardy wasted little time before coming out to the ring. After a huge pop and about ten seconds of "Hardy" chants, Matt Hardy served up a round of sarcastic insults to Miz, Morrison, and Mark Henry. The Miz interrupts Hardy and gets dropped by a right hand and rolls out the ring. Morrison goes to punch Hardy and misses, hitting Mark Henry instead. Henry makes short work of Morrison and tosses him out of the ring. Mark Henry and Matt Hardy are left in the ring, and after a brief stand-off, ECW goes off the air.

My Opinion and Analasys:

-Stryker didn't do as bad as I thought he would at color commentary. His lame sense of humor was passable for the night.

-I am a fan of Evan Bourne, and I like that he is getting very popular in the WWE, and hopes that he gets a good push in the coming year or so, and I think his feud wit Chavo could be a good stepping stone for him. However, I still don't like the name they gave him. Evan Bourne...ehh, it just doesn't roll off the tongue like Matt Sydal.

-I think an extreme rules or hardcore match between Mike Knox and Finlay has the potential to be unforgettable if done right, and I think that is something that WWE should push towards in that feud.

-I don't like Colin Delaney. I'm just going to come out and say it. I don't think he is WWE material, and I really don't see what they see in him. He is good playing that punching bag roll, but other than that, I don't see what they could do with him.

-James Curtis, who was trained by Savio Vega, looked pretty good in his match with Braden Walker. Braden Walker, on the other hand, didn't look so great. He seemed nervous almost after he received absolutely no pop from the crowd. He overused the clothesline in his match tonight. I lost count at 6 and it was only a three minute match. It looked like he used it just to buy time because he didn't know any other moves. His fisherman's suplex that he used in his victory tonight was pretty sloppy as well.

-I love Miz and Morrison's chemistry, and although I love them on ECW, it is a shame that they aren't getting any bigger pushes, because their charisma is gold.

-Matt Hardy and Mark Henry are in a good place right now, battling for the ECW title. Although it doesn't have as much prestige in a lot of people's eyes as the World Heavyweight and WWE titles do, it is fitting for them because they are on the top of a brand, finally. To me, it seems like the pattern for ECW title holders are superstars who have been around for a while, and never quite made it to the top and stayed their, and who never really got a good grasp on a major title. So, aside from CM Punk, superstars like Kane, Chavo, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, John Morrison, etc. , never really made it as a top contender for the WWE title or the World Heavyweight title, and so now they are getting their shot at being the "king of a brand" so to speak.

Well, this has been my first review of ECW, look out for my other articles on other WWE events, shows, and news, and also be sure to check out my articles on the Washington Redskins. Deuces...

-Big Chief