Football Is Coming To The Olympics: 2020

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Football Is Coming To The Olympics: 2020

Football as the newest sport in the Olympics? Probably not in our lifetime, but watching the "redeem team" gets me salivating when I think of what the NFL dream team could do to opposing countries. I have made a mock starting lineup for what I think would be the perfect mix of star players and role players. Obviously there are no right answers so send in comments to see who would fit in well for Team USA

     Tom Brady/Peyton Manning

     I'm not even going to bother choosing one or the other; both are first-ballet Hall of Famers

LaDanian Tomlinson

JacJack-of-all-trades back who is super productive and seems to be respected by the league

Randy Moss

Is aArguably the most talented receiver in the NFL when motivated and had a record setting year with an elite quarterback in 2007.

Anquan Boldin

SupSuperb possession receiver, grabs everything that comes his way and is a brute to tackle with the ball in his hands

Hines Ward

<!- Great role player who still produces; blocks like a fullback and will do anything for the team

Kellen Winslow

<!- After watching him for a few years, I think he may have the surest hands in the league. He is exceptional in traffic and is an aggressive blocker who plays through injuries

Joe Thomas

<!- Extremely athletic, tough as nails, 23 years old; He has taken the title of “franchise left tackle” off of Ogden’s shelve.

Logan Mankins

AnoAnother mauler, Mankins is probably the best blocker for the league’s most explosive offense ever

Matt Birk

<!- Solid, team leader, smart; everything you want in a center

Steve Hutchinson

<!- Great pulling lineman who has been an All-Pro

Mark Tauscher

<!- Has quietly teamed with Chad Clifton to protect Favre for years


Jason Taylor

<!- Dancer or not, Taylor has been a dominating force for years and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down. He is extremely intelligent and versatile.

Aaron Kampman

Ma Many have assumed Strahan’s role of best end vs. the run and pass; He had a career high in sacks last year. High Motor guy

Kevin Williams

<!- Explosive interior lineman who has been a superstar since his arrival

Tommie Harris

PoPPossesses unique combination of power and quickness

Derrick Brooks

<!- The consummate All-Pro, Brooks is a tremendous leader and still a good football player

Brian Urlacher

<!- Great range in coverage, seems to be well-liked by his teammates; makes the team by default at this point

Demarcus Ware

<!- Pass rushing ace who also has shored up the rest of his game.

Champ Bailey

TheThe best corner in the game

Asante Samuel

<!- The second best corner in the game

Al Harris

<!- Very tough and crafty cornerback….his dreadlocks would look great for Team USA too

Ed Reed

<!- Supreme play-maker who is a turnover machine

Bob Sanders

<!- The pint-sized defensive back packs a wallop and is the heart and soul of the Colts defense.

Tell me what you think and send in any suggestions/comments for the perfect team that will never be assembled

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