Breaking News: Pakistan Cricket Scandal As Star Players Win £150,000

David Moulson@mouls11Contributor IMarch 25, 2017

Tom Shaw/Getty Images

With their country in turmoil over the recent flooding and mass devastation, Pakistan's Cricketers are earning a stash of money in England by betting on different occasions during the on-going match at Lord's. These are fresh allegations that will rock the world of cricket.

The home of cricket is the centre of the major investigation into the corruption concerning SEVEN test playing Pakistani's. Pakistan bowling stars Mohammed Asif and Mohammed Amir are the major culprits at the centre of the storm revealed by the News of the World newspaper.

Amir and Asif both bowled no balls on the procise time that a man, who was doing the betting for the players, had put a bet on for the stars. £150k has been won on this test match, with the money coming on No Balls being bowled at procise times in the match. Mahzeer Majeed is the ring leader along with Pakistani captain Salman Butt, with Amir and Asif bowling three BLATANT no balls, over stepping by quite some distance.

Majeed has said to have SEVEN clients including Mohammed Asif, Mohammed Amir, Salman Butt and also wicket keeper Kamran Akmal.  All have been named and shamed by the newspaper with the skipper being the ring leader of the pack.

The players fuelled by greed have been said to be betting all series but nothing can been proven except for the catch that the newspaper has got in this article.

The breaking news will shock the cricketing world and with so many cheating storms already filed against Pakistan, the wonder is on what the ICC will do on this occasion.

A 35 Year Old man has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

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