Roughriders Have One Down, and One to Go!

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IAugust 5, 2008

Wow. 6-0. It's the first time they have ever done it, and

The last time they were even 5-0 it was 1934 when they were the Regina Roughriders rugby team!

I have no idea how, but the Riders pulled out a 22-21 win in Calgary over the Stamps last weekend. Now they are going to have to do it again this weekend.

It might be easy since they will be at home and might have kick returner/receiver Weston Dressler and star defensive back James Johnson back. Unfortunately, they will be without full back Neil Hughes and star receiver Matt Dominguez.

The Roughriders are a very deep team, but this is really pushing it. Countless stars on the team have gone down!

Dressler, who looks to be one of the best returners in the league, has been out since that BC game. Fantuz is out for three to six weeks yet, and there's no telling when Dominguez will get back. Chick and Durant are out till late August (maybe a bit longer for Chick) and Flick will be out for the entire season. I mean come on people! This is ridiculous!

The one thing keeping the Riders in every game this year is their running game, otherwise known as Wes Cates. Cates is a top back in the league this year and as long as he doesn't get injured (knock on wood) the Riders won't be in too bad a position.

Though he is fantastic, he will have a tougher time running this game against the Stamps since he will have to go through Juwan Armour. Armour is now back aftering being kicked out of the game for "physical abuse of a referee."

It will be a tough game for the Riders.

Personally I think Crandell sucks. He is a good backup but he is not starting material. However, I think the Roughriders will roll as soon as Chick, Durant, and Fantuz return. Obviously all injuries hurt, but these three I think are the most significant.

In my opinion, Fantuz is our best receiver. He is huge, quite fast, and has great hands. With him there our receiving core will be 100 times better. Chick, our best d-lineman, will help us massively!

The Riders have had a huge problem pressuring quarterbacks this year as they have only had eight sacks this season.

The addition of Dek Bake has helped, but with Chick back it should improve a large amount.

And finally we need Darian Durant back. Crandell isn't very good and it is clear that Durant is much better. He is faster and can read defenses better. He also makes better decisions. Even when Durant gets back, he will still be a backup.

But that will mean Crandell will be on a short leash, so if he plays badly: Hello future of the Roughriders, Darian Durant.

BREAKING NEWS: This news was not availible when i first wrote this article, but Matt Dominguez has torn his ACL and will retire after the season, also, James Johnson will not play in this game but should be back by the August 21st game against the Eskimos.