Who Is That?: The 10 Most Underrated Players in Fantasy Baseball

Avery Decker@averydecker28Analyst IAugust 5, 2008

In fantasy baseball, usually the big stars will go first and then the semi-stars and so on. But there are a number of players who are just not looked at as stars in fantasy. Sure they are in the MLB, but they still fall down to those low picks in drafts.

Today, I will list the 10 most underrated players in fantasy baseball today. Some of the names you may be very aware of, but others may surprise you. Tell me what you think...

1) Akinori Iwamura—this guy has been putting up steady numbers all year and has not slowed or sped up. A solid and dependable guy.

2) Yadier Molina—catcher is not an easy whole to fill and after Mauer, Mccann, and Martinez, there is a major drop off. This guy has been to the post season and has a ring. He is a leader and is currently batting over .300, but is always overlooked.

3) Pat Burrell—I feel that whenever I have a fantasy draft, Burrell is just forgotten. He drops to at the earliest, the 20th round. He should clearly be drafted earlier. 

4) Josh Hamilton—I know he has only been around for two fantasy drafts. But he is drafted so late. He went in the 22nd round in my draft this year, and the 25th last year.

5) Todd Helton—He always puts up consistent numbers. I guess since first base is not very hard to fill, he falls late in drafts. 

6) Chien-Ming Wang—I feel that he always falls to at least the 15th round and for someone who has had multiple 19-win seasons, he's a usually dependable and healthy guy, except this year.

7) Ken Griffey Jr.—I feel that Griffey puts up pretty solid numbers every year. I guess he falls because he is so injury prone. 

8) Aaron Rowand—This guy always does well for the Phillies, not to mention he has excellent defense, not that defense counts.

9) Rich Harden—this guy battled injuries last year and this year, but he has great stuff when he is healthy.

10) Gary Matthews Jr.—This guy has great numbers, he puts up usually about 25 home runs a season and usually gets at least 90 RBI.

Anyone else you guys can think of?