Two Sides Of The Wolverine: Michael Benoit Tells His Story

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 27, 2010

Last Night, Chris Benoit's father was on Nightline to speak about his late son. As we all know, Benoit murdered his wife Nancy and son Daniel back in 2007. Benoit began giving insight on his son, not the wrestler nor the man who many believed to be a monster. He said growing up, Benoit dreamed of being a wrestler. When Chris became one, Michael said seeing his son in the ring was totally different from the Benoit he knew.

The episode, which primarily focused on brain damage among athletes, focused mainly on Benoit. Benoit, who suffered multiple concussions in his career, had extensive brain damage. Dr. Julian Bailes, the man who studied Benoit's brain, said Benoit's case remains one of the worst he has ever seen. An explanation for the damage would be the multiple chair shots & other objects used during matches.

When the news of the murder/suicide broke many news outlets blamed roid rage for the incident. Though Benoit had steroids in his system, his father never bought the explanation and had Bailes examine his sons brain. Michael Benoit believes if Chris had not become a wrestler, he would still be alive today.

Benoit included the fact that Chris drank heavily, suffered from insomnia, and had frequent mood swings. The WWE has knowledge of the medical findings & denies Benoit ever had brain damage. Explaining that if Benoit did indeed have brain damage, he would be unable to perform on a daily basis.

On a personal note, Benoit believes all his son accomplished over his career was destroyed over the three-day period. Benoit claims to have watched news reports an entire day after the real reason for the deaths emerged. He said, "I waited for one thing good to be said about him, but it never happened & it was like a nightmare."

Michael Benoit continues to believe Chronic Traumatic Enephalopathy (CTE) caused his son to murder his wife & son. It was reported that Benoit suffered form Alzheimer's Disease. This is medically impossible as he would have been unable to complete the simplest of tasks. WWE has frequently used this as an excuse, but the fact is Benoit had CTE. The diseases symptoms frequently occur later in a persons life and is very similar to dementia. 

This situation has frequently puzzled me. I would love the opinion from you Bleachers.