5 Things That WWE Does Better Than TNA

Ian Malone@ianthomasmaloneCorrespondent IIIAugust 27, 2010

5 Things That WWE Does Better Than TNA

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    Flair beating up Hulkster for making him come to TNA
    Flair beating up Hulkster for making him come to TNA

    Watching TNA sometimes is like watching a movie that you already know the outcome to. You may have a favorite character that dies in the movie, and even though you know it's going to happen you still hope that it doesn't. 

    I genuinely want TNA to reach the level of the WWE. I think the industry was at its best when WWF was going head to head against WCW. Ratings were at an all time high, and arguably so was the popularity of wrestling. 

    But it seems whenever TNA takes a step forward, it takes two steps back. It can be very painful to watch. Despite this many of us want TNA to succeed. Which makes stuff like EV 2.0 all the more painful. 

    This slideshow will deal with the things that WWE beats TNA in. I will probably do a slideshow showing what TNA beats WWE in, but I'll give it some more time. I don't wish to rank them since it's a strong matter of opinion. 

    Let's get started. 

Use Of Old Stars

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    You can argue that this is not relevant. You can't argue that it's not awesome
    You can argue that this is not relevant. You can't argue that it's not awesome

    Some may say that this is unfair since WWE has lost a lot of old stars recently. But that doesn't really matter. They make good use of the ones that they have. 

    Undertaker is still main event talent. 

    As is Triple H. That doesn't stop HHH from putting over wrestlers like Sheamus. Remind me again who RVD has put over? He couldn't even lose his belt in a match. 

    William Regal was never main event talent (it makes me sad typing that as he could've been). Rather than try to play him up to something he never was, WWE has used him as a mouthpiece for younger stars, and he has worked matches that have gotten over the young guys. Same goes for Goldust. God knows what TNA is doing with Jarrett and Nash. 

    It goes beyond the active vets. Ricky Steamboat was brought back mainly to promote his new DVD but he put over the Nexus in the process along with Arn Anderson and some other legends. Just because some people have a WWE Hall of Fame Ring doesn't mean that they can't help the next generation. 

    TNA could use it's older stars to help young talent. But they've been unable to do save for Kurt Angle. Ric Flair deserves credit as well. 

    Egos come with the territory. But that doesn't mean they automatically need to be detrimental to your company. 

Use Of Young Stars

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    "WHYYYY Can't I be in Fortune? Magnus smells bad"
    "WHYYYY Can't I be in Fortune? Magnus smells bad"

    This is something that TNA should at least be able to hold a candle with WWE with. 

    Unfortunately they do not. 

    TNA has soooooo many young wrestlers who are great. They have the PWI Wrestler of the Year. Yet broken down vets from two extinct companies eat up Impact's air time week in and week out. 

    Is Sheamus a perfect champion? No he's far from it. Are the Nexus as powerful as they should be? No. But that doesn't change the fact that WWE still established them all as main eventers of major PPVs in under a year. Impressive? You betcha. 

    The Miz is on his way to a World title while Desmond Wofle flounders around in the tag division, or even worse. Doing jobs to Jeff Jarrett. 

    The Nexus' flaws are nothing compared to Fortune's flaws. Nexus at least gets to feud with people who were relevant less that 15 years ago. 

Use Of Secondary Belts

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    "Look what I got in my Happy meal"
    "Look what I got in my Happy meal"

    WWE wins this by default for not renaming their middle tier championships 15 times in the past year. 

    Each company has two middle tier championships. Of the four, the Intercontinental belt is the only one being used correctly. I love the Miz but his U.S. title is never defended and needs to be taken off him. 

    The TV title is not defended every week as A.J. promised us. I saw a carving on the X Division locker room door that read "Croatoan". The X Division is as lost as Roanoke was. 

    The Intercontinental title does not have the prestige that it did when Chris Jericho held the belt. But it is used pretty well given the star power of Smackdown as a whole. I'm alright with guys like Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston feuding over it. It gives them something to do. 

    I'd like to ask Vince Russo if he could name TNA's current championships. I don't really think that he could. 

Big Show Feel

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    "Bisch, what are we doing next week?", "I dunno, we'll figure it out once we see who shows up"
    "Bisch, what are we doing next week?", "I dunno, we'll figure it out once we see who shows up"

    After spending most of the first half of the year boring us with lame guest hosts that had no idea what they were doing, RAW has rebounded quite nicely. Smackdown has Undertaker vs. Kane, a potential feud of the year candidate. Even NXT manages to try and get you to watch next week. 

    What does Impact do? It does make promises, they're just not really all that special. While RAW was floundering about in the beginning of the year, Russo was given a golden opportunity. Instead of taken advantage he utilized shock value which grew old pretty fast. 

    I guess some people may think that the weekly bloody brawls between whoever isn't asleep by the main event leaves reason to look forward to the next week. But the continuity in TNA is so terrible, it's hard to really expect anything each week, aside from randomly put together matches. I enjoy the matches, but the flow is all wrong. 

    WWE advertised Little People's Court one week and didn't air it. They did however air it a few weeks later. Can we ever count on TNA to revisit old story lines? 

Pay Per View

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    " I dedicate this win to the 20 fans who bought Lockdown", "**** You!!!"
    " I dedicate this win to the 20 fans who bought Lockdown", "**** You!!!"

    This one can be tricky. I'm not comparing prices in this slideshow, I'm comparing quality. 

    WWE also wins this one by default for actually trying to promote each PPV. I'm really not convinced that TNA cares about No Surrender. They certainly didn't care about Sacrifice or Destination X. 

    WWE has had some duds along the way this year. Fatal Four Way ending nearly a half hour before the top of the hour was ridiculous. Their reluctance to have matches end with a clean finish is also frustrating.

    But they treat their PPVs with importance. The top tier titles change hands on PPV for the most part. That's the way it should be. For the most part, there has been at least a somewhat legitimate chance that the title could change hands at every PPV. I really can't say the same for TNA. 

    TNA has Styles defend the TNA Championship at Lockdown, only to have him lose the belt the next night to Rob Van Dam. What better way than that to give your paying customers the middle finger? 


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    "This could be TNA if I jumped ship"
    "This could be TNA if I jumped ship"

    These are pretty big categories that WWE has TNA beat in. Yes TNA has a better tag division, but that's a minor thing compared to these categories. 

    TNA needs to get its act together. Ratings are slipping and they don't look like they are going to turn around anytime soon. 

    Thanks for reading, I appreciate all comments that you have for me.