3 Reasons Why (Insert Name Here) Should Win The Finals Of NXT Season 2

J.R. WrightContributor IAugust 27, 2010

The case really can be made for either of the three finalist, but, don't get me wrong I was pulling for Husky Harris, Kaval, or Percy Watson, even though Percy could still use a little polishing.

My pick of the liter throughout the course of the season was Husky Harris, he really offered something different from what the WWE usually churns out. He is vastly different from the norm, but in an interesting way.

He has an interesting way of speaking, great presence, an interesting look, and I saw him getting over as a heal week by week, but not the type of heal that you hate and can't stand, but more the kind of heal like Austin was or Orton has become.

I really appreciated what Husky brought to the table though, because it was something a little unexpected and different from what the WWE generally churns out.

He definitely seems to be a one of a kind type of dude, from the way he walks, to the way he talks, and most certainly his overall look. Also I really liked the pairing of him with (Dashing) Cody Rhodes, they look good together and really seem to have great chemistry. In fact I would have liked to see them as a legitimate tag team.

This is not taking anything away from Michael McGillicutty or A-Ry, but the WWE is full of guys in that same mold. Lucky Cannon had a great look as well, but him, McGillicutty, Eli Cottonwood, and Titus O'Neal are all about as boring as a three letter word spelling competition, McGillicutty is very polished in the ring though, which makes up for some of his lack of entertainment appeal, but not enough in my opinion.

I think the two guys that this competition boils down to are A-Ry and Kaval, each guy has unlimited potential if used correctly. If McGillicutty could develop a better persona he has great potential as well, but I actually think he would be better as a heal though. But getting back to the three reasons question;

1. Great In ring competitor
2. Brings a style to the ring that is different and crowd pleasing
3. He is over with the fans as a face, even with pro's who are heals.

Alex Riley:
1. Very solid in ring competitor
2. Excellent microphone skills
3. The most over of all of the rookies, and as a heal

Michael McGillicutty:
1. Excellent in ring competitor
2. Great wrestling "Legacy"
3. The McGillicutter is a great finisher

I see Alex Riley as being the total package, just as he says he is, but like I said the WWE is full of guys who fit his mold and he will have to drop the varsity jock gimmick to really make it.

That leaves things wide open, so this thing comes down to a two way race between Kaval and Alex Riley at this point, I don't believe the WWE will properly use Kaval though, so A-Ry is probably the better choice. What do you guys think?