NHL Quick Quiz Challenge: Calgary Flames Five-Minute Flambé

M MacDonald Hall@@DocMacHallSenior Analyst IAugust 5, 2008

Hello, Flames fans and hockey faithful!

Welcome to the Five Minute Hockey Quiz. As Bleacher Report’s Calgary Flames Community Leader, I decided it was time to add a new appendage to the other, longer Trivia series (see link below). Allow me to present, for your approval, the Quick Quiz series, which starts with a look the closest thing I‘ll ever have to a home team, the Calgary Flames.

The answers and questions in this series are quicker, shorter trivia snippets than MacHall Bleacher Creature Trivia, though no less interesting and intrinsic to the dedicated hockey enthusiast. Taking my responsibility to the Flames community to heart, I begin with a basic and random overview of the Calgary Flames.

Teams from around the NHL will be covered, for those of you who aren’t hard-core Flames fans. If you are a hard-core Flames fan, there's even less reason to fret…there will be more trivia for you shortly, plus reports from the opening week of 2008-09 training, the Calgary Flames Prospect Development Camp.  But enough jabber for now, on with the show!

1. Who has scored the most points in one season all-time for the Flames?

a)  Kent Nilsson

b)  Lanny McDonald

c)  Jarome Iginla

d)  Theo Fleury

e)  Hakan Loob

2. Harvey the Hound started life an official mascot of two teams, the Calgary Flames of the NHL and ____________________.

a) Edmonton Oilers

b) Calgary Wranglers

c) University of Calgary Dinos Men's Sport

d) Calgary Stampeders (CFL)

e) Calgary '88's (basketball)

3. When the Flames did finally clinch a playoff spot in 2004, anyone listening to the radio would have heard this cry from commentator Peter Maher for the first time in a very long time:

a) "We want the Cup!"

b) "Bring it on home, baby!"

c) "You can put it in the win column!"

d) "Yeah, baby!"

e) "See you at the Cup!"

4. Which Flame got in his very first NHL fight against the Edmonton Oilers in February 2008?

a) Eric Nystrom

b) Matthew Lombardi

c) Dustin Boyd

d) David Hale

e) Curtis McElhinney

5. What is Jarome Iginla’s full name?

6. When Miikka Kiprusoff faced his former team (SJ) for the first time in 2003, what adorned his mask?

a) Two yellow/tan skulls and the name "Kipper"

b) Two grey/silver skulls and the name "Kipper"

c) A "Flaming C" and the Flames horse

d) Nothing, his mask was plain white ITECH

e) The name “Kipper” on a plain black mask

7. What was Jamie McLennan’s nickname?

a) Large

b) J-bird

c) Bubba

d) Lenny

e) Noodles

8. Which former Flames head coach once served as Interim Head Coach for eleven games in December, 2002?

a) Al MacNeil

b) Doug Risebrough

c) Jim Playfair

d) Brian Sutter

e) Don Hay

9. In 1989, the Flames set an NHL record for the fastest pair of shorthanded goals ever. How long did it take Calgary to pot those two markers?

a) 0:02

b) 0:04

c) 0:06

d) 0:08

e) 0:10

10. Which minor-hockey team-mate of Gary Roberts' also played with him on the Calgary Flames?

a) Bryan Deasley

b) Perry Berezan

c) Joe Nieuendyk

d) Brett Hull

e) Gary Suter

Photo Question: Who is Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff wrestling with in this photo (top of page) of his most famous fight?

Answers to these questions can be found via the following link, posted at the bottom of Bleacher Creature Trivia Part One.

Bleacher Report Member Feedback - What do YOU as the reader/trivia taker prefer: do you want the answers at hand, ready to be seen as soon as you are done the quiz, OR wait a few days for the list, a chance to post your own answers to stack yourself up against other members with a leader board, and a mention in future editions. Challenge or cheat sheet?  Let me know via the comments section, email, or my profile.

Stay tuned for more hockey trivia from around the NHL, plus Calgary Flames news and editorials.

M MacDonald Hall is the Bleacher Report Calgary Flames Community Leader, and will be adding to that department over the summer. Future articles include a breakdown of Calgary Flames playoff performance in the 21stCentury, roster changes and information, and Flames-specific trivia. M’s Bleacher Report archive includes an assortment of Flames/NHL articles.

M also writes on various other topics, sport and non-sport related. Enquiries regarding NHL writing or other subjects may be directed to M's Bleacher Report profile or via email.


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