Who Should Be the Florida Panthers' Next Captain?

Brandon RudicsCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

Since Olli Jokinen left Florida, the captain's spot has opened up. So who should take the open position for the struggling Panthers?

Nathan Horton? The 23-year old from Welland, Ontario, has tallied 62 points in 82 games, but does he have the leadership and commitment to be the team's new captain? I don’t think so. He doesn't have enough experience.

How about Radek Dvorak? Dvorak has 11 seasons under his belt. He has 466 points in 895 games played in Does Dvorak have what it takes to be an NHL captain with an under performing team? I say, let's keep looking.

What about the newly acquired Cory Stillman? 602 points in 839 career games. Does he have the leadership and commitment to be the new captain? I think so!

Stillman has been around for awhile. He would make an excellent captain for the panthers. The 34-year old still has some steam left in him for a few more years—put the C on his chest!

But let's see who else could get the mighty position.

How about Richard Zednik? Well , I'm not even going go there. You need someone who's healthy for at least a little bit of time and manage to contribute when he is. So I'm just going to move on.

How about the one-year deal man, Jay Bouwmeester? I got to see him in juniors, and this guy is the captain that Florida needs.

Sure, I said Stillman would be an ideal captain, but Bouwmeester can definitely handle the responsibility.

Yes, it is a one year deal—but that one year could mean a lot for the ailing hockey club.

So I say give the C to Bouwmeester. Maybe he would stay with the team for years to come. Who knows?  Only time will tell.