The Lo'Down #2-WWE RAW review 8-4

RJ TootheCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

   I must say I was far from impressed with RAW this week. We had a few bright spots but overall I must say a very, very weak show. I'm not even going to post a picture for this week because there wasn't a picture honestly worth posting. Let's start with the opening segment, now this was a good promo. Mike Adamle made only one mistake as far as I can see and throughout the night I was more and more impressed with his promo chops. Also, both Chris Jericho and JBL made for a great match potentially in the works, and I must say I thought that the handicap match was going to be good but i'll get to that later. I liked how Jericho brought up what he did to JBL at the Royal Rumble and I think that if they turned Jericho back into a face that feud could be rekindled and made great, but i'm not holding my breath. So overall a strong opening segment.


   Now we get on to the first match which was one of my favorites, Kofi Kingston vs Paul Burchill for the Intercontinental Championship. I really thought before the match that Burchill was going to steal this one and that Katie Lea was going to win as well because of what Katie said last week after assulting Mickie in front of her father. I liked the match and I was happy that Kofi came away victorious in a fast paced good opener. I'd also like to briefly talk about the Womens Championship match. I wasn't expecting it to happen right after the Burchill-Kingston match but I was pleasantly surprised and this match was also very good. I think that if the WWE wanted to they could make this Katie-Mickie feud a womens version of an Orton-Cena feud so i'll be interested to see how this plays out.

   Now we talk about the handicap match. I thought that this match was horrendous and the fact that JBL is in the RAW main event of Summerslam just gets me angry. I personally think that JBL is overrated and all this does is justify the fact that RAW IS DYING WITHOUT RANDY ORTON. If if was Randy Orton vs CM Punk at Summerslam you'd be guarenteed a physical fast paced match, but with JBL in there it's basically a flashback of their dud main event the night Punk won the title. And now to the match, I was hoping Jericho would get the pin because at least it would be a little bit of a faster match but no they had to end it in the worst fashion possible and it might as well have been a triple threat, and the fact that there was a 10 minute time limit just made the whole thing seem rushed and not very well thought out, but I thought the main event and the rest of the card could save the show. I was wrong....

   I'd like to talk about Kane for a second, now I don't mind the fact that he squashed Matt Striker but it sounded like they're making him a face again which doesn't sit well with me. Kane was a heel for all of 5 weeks and I was enjoying the "Alive or Dead?" story, but now they just tell you "Oh he's dead" and next weel Adamle is going to make him reveal the contents of the bag, hopefully that will set something off in Kane if he doesn't want to share with the world what it is because when Kane is "at peace", his character is unentertaining and predictable. So if they scrap this storyline now you can mark this down now, I am going to be VERY mad.

   And now for the main event, overall it was a hell of a match, except for the ending. I loved that Batista didn't tag Cena when Cody Rhodes had him in the sleeper and when Cena finally did break free for the tag it was a firm slap to the face and by Batista's facial expression I thought to quote JR that business was about to pick up, but nope somehow Mike Chioda settled the situation, all I know is the Batista I know wouldn't take that for the sake of winning the Tag Team Championships. And then to take the Tag Team Championships from Priceless is just dumb. If I recall this is the exact same thing they did with Cena and Shawn Michaels beating Rated-RKO for the titles. Hopefully they will have Priceless win the titles back next week and then there will finally be some heat between the two, maybe Batista leaves the apron and leaves Cena to face both men and then lose, or vice/versa. So overall I would say this week's RAW is a 1/5, and that folks, is The Lo'Down.