Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito Will Fight, Who Will Win It?

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IAugust 27, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - MARCH 13:  Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines throws a punch in the ring against Joshua Clottey of Ghana during the WBO welterweight title fight at Cowboys Stadium on March 13, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. Pacquiao defeated Clottey by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

 The throw down in Texas is set for Nov. 13.

Manny Pacquiao (51-3-2 38 KO) will step into the ring with disgraced warrior Antonio Margarito (38-6 27 KO).

Everyone knows the story of Margarito so there is no need to rehash it here yet again. Margarito looked to get his license reinstated in California, were it was originally stripped, and was rejected.

They went to Texas and there was about a one percent chance that he was going to get denied. He was granted a license and Pacquiao will return to Cowboys Stadium again to fight.

The fight will be shown on PPV as all big fights are these days and it will surely carry the $49.99 price tag with it. How many people are willing to shell that out for a Margarito fight will be interesting to see.

At any rate this is a fight that shouldn’t be made because Margarito is a disgraced fighter who should have been charged with attempted assault after the stunt he tried to pull against Shane Mosley.

If you then take in consideration that he may have been cheating for longer this fight becomes even more of a mismatch. On a side note Top Rank needs to stop fighting in-house for all their big fights.

The only things Margarito had going for him was his good chin, good power and relentless style. Well the power may be gone since his hand wraps have been exposed and his style will not suit him well against Pacquiao.

He leaves himself to wide open to be any real threat to Pacquiao and is going to get hard often. His chin was cracked against Mosley and once you get knocked out it is easier to get knocked out again.

You factor all of that and then add the fact he has only fought two times in two years and there is sure to be some ring rust.

He come back with a fight against Roberto Garcia and won a unanimous decision over 10 rounds. That was his first and only fight since the Mosley debacle.

The only real advantage that Margarito has is his height. He has a four and a half height advantage and a six inch reach advantage.

This isn’t an advantage for him because he will nullify it himself with his fighting style. He will be the biggest man Pacquiao has fought but won’t use the height or reach to his advantage.

Pacquiao has almost every advantage a fighter could have. He is faster, has more power, better foot speed, better chin, and is stronger. Most importantly he just has more skill.

Margarito fits the mold of recent Pacquiao opponents. Comes forward doesn’t have a lot of head movement and isn’t more skillful.

No knock against Pacquiao but he hasn’t faced a truly good boxer since Juan Manuel Marquez pushed him to the brink of defeat in 2008.

The only reason I am personally onboard with this fight is Margarito should take a beating in the ring and all signs point to he will take a major beating against Pacquiao.

I see it playing out just like the Mosley fight.

Pacquiao is going to get the chance to hit him and will do it often. His hand speed is going to confuse Margarito and have him flailing wildly trying to hit Pacquiao with no success.

Margarito won’t have a plan B to deal with the speed of Pacquiao because he is a straight ahead brawler with no defensive skill what so ever.

After taking a lot of punishment for six rounds or so he will come out and get knocked out cleanly and violently.

The only thing that is going down in Texas on Nov. 13 is Margarito and his time as a top fighter in the sport of boxing.