Tiger Woods: 10 Hot Good Girls He Could Date To Repair His Reputation

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistAugust 27, 2010

Tiger Woods: 10 Hot Good Girls He Could Date To Repair His Reputation

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    Tiger is divorced now and trying to repair everything that went wrong. So in golf terms the world is willing to give you a mulligan.

    But you have to prove to us, that you are rehabilitated.

    1) Win a couple tournaments without cursing out the photographers and gallery.

    2) Smile in a couple interviews and press conferences. But most of all...

    3) Find a nice young lady and stay away from those adult film stars.

    Here's a list to get you started of relatively nice girls that might be open to seeing you.

10. Jenn Brown

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    She knows sports and she has been around athletes, so you could bring your work home and she wouldn't mind.

    Now, as far as being a good girl, the jury is out.

    But if the Kenny Chesney rumored tryst is true, well at least she would be empathetic.

9. Kourtney Kardashian

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    Three things you have going for you...

    A) You can't be as drunk, high and broke and pathological as her present/former boyfriend seems to be. Not sure anyone can.

    B) She seems to be good with kids, since she has one of her own.

    But most importantly...

9. Kourtney Kardashian (cont'd)

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    Her family is fond of athletes. Could be genetic.

    A bonus, she jumped right back into shape after the kid.

    Just like your ex.

    Sorry, I know... too soon.

8. Cheryl Cole

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    You are an international man, so maybe a European WAG might be what you need. We know she's fond of athletes.

    And unfortunately she has had a jock cheat on her, so she might be inclined to give second chances.

    And maybe she isn't all good girl.

    Look at the tat.

8. Cheryl Cole (cont'd)

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    And she does clean up well, so you can bring her with you to award shows.

    Another bonus, maybe she hasn't heard all the dirt that we have over here.

    Now, find out if she has a passport.

7. Ivanka Trump

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    This one might be problematic. She might be married, but hell, you're Tiger Woods.

    Other than that, she is perfect.

    She might be richer than you. She has a crazy father to help keep you in line.


7. Ivanka Trump (cont'd)

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    She takes pictures like this.

    Keep this one as an option for the future.

6. Freida Pinto

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    Everyone loved her in Slumdog Millionaire. And she is cute as a button.

    And she seems like a good girl. Although rumors were that she left her fiance as soon as she got famous even though he supported her when they were both young and struggling...

    Just proves that no one is perfect.

5. Olivia Munn

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    She is smart, funny, daring and sexy.

    All the computer nerds love her and she's used to being in the spotlight.

    And she comes with an added bonus that only you can appreciate...

5. Olivia Munn (cont'd)

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    Apparently she is in to role play!

4. Irina Shayk

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    Two reasons to consider her.

    We know she loves athletes since she has been linked to Cristiano Ronaldo...

4. Irina Shayk (cont'd)

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    And we know she is used to athletes stepping out on her...

    Since she has been linked to Cristiano Ronaldo.

3. Rihanna

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    She is sexy, very talented and beautiful.

    And she has been involved with some sketchy characters in the past.

    So there's nothing she probably hasn't seen.

    Plus, she is rich, so no more big payouts if things don't go well.

2. Eva Mendes

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    Not sure I can add anymore than what you see in the picture.

    It's pretty much all there for you, Eldrick.

    Although she might not put up with bad behavior.

    Those Latinas can be feisty.

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui

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    She is seemingly a good Canadian girl and she plays one on TV. Great smile, successful and perfect for the reputation rebuilding.

    Heck, even when she takes a nude picture...

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui (cont'd)

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    It's done tastefully.

    I say you start hanging around the Entourage set and see if Turtle will introduce you.