Hungarian Grand Prix Offers More Questions Than Answers

Madan GopalCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

Round 11 of the Formula 1 Championship is complete. Hungaroring is a track where qualifying plays a major role. You can finish the race in a better position by qualifying towards the front of the grid.

The race did throw a lot of surprises, the biggest being Heikki Kovalainen's maiden victory. The three main contenders for the Driver's Championship—Hamilton, Massa and Raikkonen—had a mixed day, with Raikkonen scoring the maximum points for the race.


The start was fantastic with Massa taking the lead from Hamilton at Turn One. Kimi lost a position to Alonso and that would not change for two-thirds of the race distance.


Once Kimi got past Alonso during the pit stop rotations, he was able to show the true pace of his Ferrari F2008.


There have been many reports or comments about Kimi's lack of desire or focus but his laps before the second pit-stop summary shows a determined driver trying to pass his rival by pitting his car one lap later. 


Check out the lap times below for the two world champion drivers. Although Kimi had an off-track excursion on Lap 50, he was able to put in a stunning in-lap for his pit stop on Lap 51, and followed it up with an excellent out-lap.


This allowed him to jump Alonso during the second round of pit-stops [Alonso had a comparatively slower set of laps for the pit stops]. He ended up on the podium to join his fellow Finn, much to the surprise of many people watching the race.


              Kimi          Alonso

Lap 47: 1m21.843    1m21.793
Lap 48: 1m21.709    1m21.914
Lap 49: 1m21.773    1m21.833
Lap 50: 1m23.913    1m24.326
Lap 51: 1m23.551    1m47.032
Lap 52: 1m43.921    1m23.044

But the story of the day was the amazing drive by Felipe Massa. It is a shame that his Ferrari engine gave up with three laps to go.

He put on a stunning display by passing Lewis Hamilton and then building up a good enough lead towards the final few laps of the race. His misfortune allowed Heikki to take his first ever race win in Formula 1.

He had a steady race and benefited from Massa's bad luck. I am sure this will be the first of many more victories for Heikki.

Also, Hamilton had a puncture on his left-front tire, due to which he could only finish fifth, but that is still four valuable points for the season.

The greatest irony is that in spite of being the driver of the race, Massa goes home without any points for the race. That is the "cruel" nature of sport.

There are seven races remaining in this season, out of which two circuits, Valencia and Singapore, can throw surprises by holding their first-ever Grand Prix.

So, who will win the 2008 World Driver's Championship? That is a million-dollar question right now.

Let us enjoy the summer break along with teams and come back for an exciting remainder of the season.