Breaking News: Kimbo Slice To Leave MMA To Become a Boxer

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIAugust 26, 2010

Kimbo is leaving MMA to try on the gloves to compete in the boxing world.
Kimbo is leaving MMA to try on the gloves to compete in the boxing world.Robert Laberge/Getty Images

Michael Woods of ESPN is reporting that Kimbo Slice has decided to leave MMA for a chance to box.

Kimbo rose to fame with viral videos on the Internet and has since been participating in fights in Mixed Martial Arts for the past 3 years. The thing is he has mostly been all hype. 

This could serve as the motivation for his move into the boxing world, where he told ESPN that he wants see how he would fare. His direct quote to ESPN on the move is the following: 

""I'm thinking about this at night. I'm gonna be a problem in the heavyweight division. I'm going to be coming in with a bad demeanor. I want to see what it's like to break some ribs, break a jaw with one punch."

His trainers told the popular sports website that their client could debut sometime late this year depending on how he is conditioned and the relationship with his new trainers. Eventually we could see a move back if boxing is not successful, since he has not even closed the door on a return. 

Kimbo may have taken a few too many blows to the head in MMA. He thanks Dana White for the opportunity to fight, but it mostly has been the fanbase that has kept him in the game.

He did not fare all too well in MMA and now he may not fare too well in boxing. Especially when you consider the weight class and division that he is in. 

The Klitschko will tear him apart. The trainers try to remain optimistic and say that Kimbo could be in contention for a title soon after five or six fights, but when you think about it this guy is still all hype in boxing. But the doubter could be wrong as the trainer is focused on the cardio workouts to have Kimbo ready as they compare his style already to Mike Tyson.

The optimist like his trainer and executive just have to keep downplaying the current field of play. They already call it "not the Era of Tyson, Holyfield and Lennox Lewis."

The first fight will be the first sign that will give fans a taste of how bright or dim the future of boxing is with Kimbo Slice.