Brian Westbrook and Hank Baskett Become Leaders at Eagles Training Camp

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IAugust 5, 2008

Veterans over the age of 30 received the morning off, leaving some veterans and a number of unproven, young players in practice. With fewer players in camp, rookie mistakes become more noticeable.

Third-year wide receiver Hank Baskett says those rookies need to just look past their mistakes.

"You can't sit there and think about the play that happened the day before. I was just in their shoes a few years ago. You have to move on. If you keep dwelling on that mistake from the morning before, that's three practices already gone by. You just got to keep moving on, just keep fighting. It's a weird game, you never know what's going to happen. Just come out here and give it your all."

Undrafted rookies Shaheer McBride and Frantz Hardy go to Baskett more than any other veteran wide receiver because two years ago Baskett entered camp undrafted, unproven, and a rookie.

Two years, three touchdowns, and one Eagles special teams most valuable player award later, Baskett says he enters camps with the attitude he still has something to prove.

"I still go into every camp the same way as if I'm still trying to make the team. There are no guarantees; everyone knows there are no guarantees. So I'm in the same position as them trying to fight for a spot."

Hank Baskett's hard work has paid off as he's had one of the best training camps of any Eagle.

Another Bird flying high is second-year tailback Lorenzo Booker.

He says he's looked toward the very best in Brian Westbrook for help.

"I've picked his brain the most. In all actuality there's nobody that can help me more than him. They brought me here to do some of the things he does. He's the one on the field doing it. He's going to have more insight to what they need me to do than anybody. To be honest, he's more critical on me than anybody."

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says Booker can fill one of Westbrook's roles as a wide receiver.

Coach Mornhinweg says Booker has established himself as a very good route runner.

Lorenzo Booker explained why his routes are so crisp.

"When I work out in the offseason, I never work out as a running back in terms of catching passes because that's easy catching a swing or an out-route. It's the down-field stuff you want to work on."

Booker and Baskett have emerged as potentially two news weapons that Donovan McNabb desperately begged for this offseason.

Jameson Fleming is an intern at ESPN Radio 1230 and 1320 and will be at training camp every day, filing radio reports and publishing his transcripts on Bleacher Report.