The 10 Future WWE Champions

Matt GuyettContributor IAugust 26, 2010

The 10 Future WWE Champions

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    The Rock, Randy Orton, Stone Cold, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, The Undertaker, these are just few of the names that have grown into a WWE Champion. They have done it using their sheer ability and natural technique to inspire the WWE Universe for over a decade. 

    Now in the WWE we are seeing the future. Sheamus, The Miz, John Morrison, Jack Swagger these are superstars of this era. The 2010 year has been plotted around them their rise to the top their future which is now. 

    But which superstars are the future? Which superstars are going to become the future WWE Champion? Which superstars are going to write themselves in glory as a legend of the World Wrestling Entertainment Business? Here I will count down my top 10 candidates for the next WWE Champion of the future. 

    Take Randy Orton for example we have seen him grow over the years into a unique superstar. Which superstars can achieve the feat of the likes of HBK, Shawn Michaels. Well here are my thoughts.


    Please comment on your views of this matter. Thanks. 

10: Dolph Ziggler

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    The current Intercontinental Champion is a real cocky and arrogant superstar on the Blue brand. Ziggler has though the technique and ability needed here in the WWE. Reminds many people of the legendary Curt Hennig aka. Mr Perfect in which he used to make his business evolve around him. 


    Ziggler has the looks the style of a champion and with his storyline with Vickie Guerrero as his manager who blatantly earned him the Intercontinental Title im sure he's going to go far. Now, the thing with Ziggler is I associate him with entertainment and not pure wrestling ability. The brand that comes to mind for me for entertainment is that of Monday Night Raw. So I can't see him winning the World Heavyweight Title it just wouldn't be right in my eyes I can only see him winning the WWE Championship. 

    But that wouldn't matter because he is becoming a top heel on Smackdown and to be put on Raw would actually work in my opinion better for this young talent due to the younger generation that is on that brand for instance, Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd. 

    He could win the WWE Championship controversially and deal with the pressure planted upon him that is how good I rate this up and coming superstar. 

    He is Perfection and a future WWE Champion Mr Dolph Ziggler. 

9: Drew McIntyre

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    This guy has the whole package, style, personality, talent and best of all the ' it ' factor. Yes, Drew the Scottishman has been on quite a rollercoaster on Friday Night's as of this year. Brung in by Mr McMahon he started a rivalry stunningly against the Smackdown GM, Teddy Long in which he stated that he makes the decisions. In line for a world title push Drew was the Next big thing. 

    However, WWE opted for Jack Swagger as the man they wanted to push so Drew was left to fued over the Intercontinental Title. He was involved in a hot rivalry against Matt Hardy which led to so many questions about him. 

    Now, Lately he has had to settle for little matches such as facing Christian and Hardy to begin a new start in his career. This guy unlike Mr Ziggler has the strength and look of the world heavyweight champion and for that Im putting him as the future World Heavyweight Champion. 

    Number 9 the cocky Drew McIntyre. Broken Dreams? No his are just getting started. 

8: Ted DiBiase Jnr.

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    Now part of the million-dollar couple, Ted DiBiase Junior is an amazing athlete and is one of the most underrated superstars in my eyes. Now has his fathers legacy to follow and I thought WWE was using this as his gimmick which of course I was wrong because he is now part of a different gimmick in which he uses his talent instead of money. 

    I have actually been quite frustrated with WWE as of late with what they are doing with DiBiase to me he should be in the U.S title picture but is instead having to keep losing to the likes of Khali to help build other storylines. Now as for having Maryse as your manager that for me would be like having the WWE title. She and him have a great sense of chemistry when together and actually feel like a real couple. 

    Ted, has grown in numbers since he left Legacy earlier this year and was seen as the biggest prospect for a long while. He if he does get a deserved world title push should have the WWE title. I can imagine him with that belt and Maryse its a look that fits his gimmick. 

    Number 8 is the junior million dollar man, Ted DiBiase Jr. 

7: Kofi Kingston

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    Former Intercontinental, U.S and Tag Team Champion, Kofi has been a strong part of the development of young talent in WWE. He began his time with the company in ECW which was of course the place for young talent begin and his most notable rivalry there was with, The gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin who I feel helped push Kofi in the right directions. 

    His talent and high flying technique is unrivalled and he is unique amongst the WWE Universe. There is a time when you can tell a real talent has come onto the horizon and that was the case with Kofi. He had a big rivalry with Randy Orton that is often overshadowed by the controversial move of Kofi during an on screen error.

    However, Kofi has so much talent that he is sure to become a future world champion and is right now in battle with Dolph Ziggler for his Intercontinental Championship. Something hear a lot from people is, What would Kofi be like heel? And when i hear that it immediately draws me to Monday Night Raw being the place that happened. It wouldn't matter though because if Kofi was WWE Champion he would shine amongst every other former Champion.

    Number 7 the Ghanian boom boom Kofi Kingston  

6: Kaval

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    The weird bald dude who is a rookie on NXT really shouldn't be the rookie you see Kaval as many know has had a career that took place in the other top wrestling promotion TNA: Total Nonstop Action. Now, I am not like the people that run into the history of a competitor because the past is the past this is about the future so I will talk about what we have been seeing on NXT. 

    Kaval has wowed the crowd with his amazing ability and his weird personality and is becoming the number one rookie in NXT. With next week's final coming up I can't choose between Riley and Kaval but Michael Mcgillicuddy is not who I see as the winner. Even if Kaval fails to win I think he will have a big future ahead of him in the WWE. 

    He can turn a boring match into a must watch brawling mania of a match just by using his natural ability. Now to his weakness which is his mic skills. Kaval may be the prince of NXT right now but his annoying voice is just terrible to listen to if he does win NXT then I think he could either go for the World Title or WWE Title. Im sure he will go for the WWE Title because that is the big one in all of this business. 

    Number 6 the little Kaval with an amazing ability. 

5: Alberto Del Rio

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    One debut and the whole world is talking about this guy. It all started with vignette's of him talking in his house in what people were treating as a joke. Not a joke any more because this guy is simply fantastic. His deadly submission hold the rolling Arm bar made Rey tap out in an instance and put the WWE Universe on notice that this guy is here for a reason. I have put him quite low down considering he has only just burst onto the scene but why not put a guy with so much talent at this placing? 

    The thing I liked about him was his entrance it sort of brung back memories of the late Eddie Guerrero in his lowrider (R.I.P). Then he got out and did a JBL like pose at his car and then walked onto the ramp and Orton like Pyro's fell down from the ceiling its like telling a story here and that is what I feel his career will be like he will be the crown jewel in what he will call his hometown the WWE. 

    Ladies and Gentleman, Your future WWE Champion, ALLLLLLLLBERTOOOOOOOOOO DEL RIIIIIIOOOOOOOO!!!!!

4: Wade Barrett

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    This guy doesn't need the Nexus he is that good. Barrett a former Bear Knuckle fighter from The UK has made a massive impact since coming here to the WWE. Now of course part of one of the biggest stable's in WWE History The Nexus where he plays as the leader of this gang of violence. Barrett who won NXT Season 1 could actually become WWE Champion in the coming weeks when he battles in the Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Title. 

    He has so much talent and ability but I can't pick somebody who has as good as mic skills as this guy he is quite simply what a WWE Superstar is all about. Cocky, arrogant, spiteful he is the ultimate WWE Superstar and is the ultimate heel right now for me on Raw. 

    Lets not talk too much about The Nexus lets talk about Barrett and his talent. When he talks the Universe listens his voice is so demanding and intelligent that it has the WWE universe on notice at all times. Doesn't spend too long talking about himself he is there for one reason and that is too become WWE Champion in what I think would be a bigger push then Jack Swagger. 

    Number 4 the leader of the Nexus, Wade Barrett. 

3: Tyson Kidd

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    Known as the Prince of WWE people call him the future like they called Orton the future and look how that planned out. Kidd who is at the moment current one half of the WWE Tag team champions he is really what the WWE is all about. Amazing, Awesome and Awe Inspiring just some words to add to his collection of many positive comments. 

    Trained in his family's legendary known Hart's Dungeon he learned so much as we can see his amazing athletic technique on Monday Night's. For me though I like DH Smith but I feel the Hart Dynasty is holding Kidd back from already making an impact. An amazing athlete with a bright future all that is needed is a push. 

    This push could come in many ways but I hope that he stays face throughout his hopefully illustrious career. I see him main eventing Wrestlemania in years to come. 

    Number 3 is the Future that is Tyson Kidd. 

2: Cody Rhodes

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    New Gimmick, New Nickname and New look that is all that is new about the " Dashing " Cody Rhodes who has been so impressive on Friday nights. After splitting up with Legacy (Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr.) he had been viewed as the weakness the less talented guy of the stable but I feel everyone had it wrong as he was to turn into a revolution. His new entrance just added a new dimension to this talented superstar and he hasn't looked back since his draft move. 

    One thing he will rue is that he has not won a title in singles competition yet Rhodes is for me just a few years away from stepping in his Father's Legacy and becoming World Heavyweight Champion. 

    His Draft Move was not noted as a big move but secretly it for me was one of the biggest draft moves that happened. His finisher Cross Rhodes is an underrated move that he does so well and people used to doubt this superstar not me he is an amazing superstar just without a title. 

    2 and Dashing is Cody Rhodes. 

1: Evan Bourne

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    Im sorry but how has this guy not won a title yet? Please tell me because this guy should be main event status. Summerslam was the turning point for me when I could tell WWE wasn't pushing this guy when he wasn't part of Team WWE. I mean come on he is WWE look at him he is a Champion in his own rights. Probably one of few superstars who can do something that takes your breath away and can turn a dull and boring WWE Event into a massive spectacular with his finisher AirBourne. 

    WWE need to stop rubbing up to heels and give this guy the push he has been long overdue I would have included Morrison but I feel that is over WWE let that opportunity of future talent go when they didn't make him World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown. That's where this guy comes in he is the next guy like Morrison and he has to earn the World title in the future. 

    He has the talent but talent that isn't usual Ok so he isn't great on the mic so what he has such an amazing future they talk about TNA being about the X Division and high flying well this Guy isn't just high flying he is It what Pro Wrestling has been looking for all this time. 

    WWE look at this guy he is your future, WWE Champion Evan Bourne that has a ring to it.