A Twist of Fate: A Look at the Separate Paths of the Hardys

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 26, 2010

Over the years, I have seen many exciting tag teams. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best teams I saw emerge was the Hardy Boyz. I have watched Jeff and Matt from the time they were puppies in the ring. I can also say proudly that I watched them become men in the ring also.

These two started off as scrawny kids who were pretty much jobbers. When I first saw them I said to myself, “these guys aren't going to make it.” I couldn't have been more wrong.

The Hardys have dazzled and amazed us over the years with their explosive offense. They were one of the main reasons the TLC became a house hold name, they have feuded with the best, and they won many titles.

Many years later in their careers, they would go on to compete as singles wrestlers. This has happened to many tag teams throughout wrestling’s long history, and when it does, the results are almost always the same.

One will almost always move on to surpass the other in singles competition. These are just the facts of life in pro wrestling. Wrestlers like Bret Hart, Edge, and the Rockers are just a few that have surpassed their partners.

It now appears that, like the many times before, this fate will be bestowed on the Hardys. This doesn't surprise me in any way, nor should it be a shock to anyone else. What has surprised me is how fate is panning out for each Hardy.

While both Hardys have had their highs and lows in and out of the ring, for whatever reason, it seems Matt can’t catch a break to save his life. Whether it was injuries or betrayal from friends and loved ones, Matt Hardy just can’t seem to get it right, no matter how the chips fall. To his credit though, he still troops on and holds his head up high.

Jeff, on the other hand, has caught every break in the book. He has blown opportunity after opportunity, but he still always gets pushed. While Matt has had his issues also, it would just seem to me that he can’t dodge that bullet.

That got me thinking—how it is that one brother gets all the luck, while the other one always seems to get the shaft? I suppose it could just be fate playing itself out, but if that is the case it doesn't seem very just.

I have always felt that Matt was the harder and better ring worker. He has better ring ethics and would always do what was better for the business. He always kept his nose clean and was a professional in the ring. Notice, though, I said ring worker and not high flier.

When the whole Lita and Edge scandal broke out years ago, Matt soldiered on and kept going. He didn't have to play the distasteful angle out on TV, but he did anyways because at the time it was good for business.

He was jobbed when he was told to do so and he did it like a champ. Matt has put on stellar match after stellar match over the years for Vince.

How was he rewarded for his hard work?

He has been fired, injured, betrayed, and brushed aside by Vince. When he was on Smackdown, he and Jeff had some breathtaking matches during their feud against each other.

You could even argue that it was then he was the hottest he has ever been as a singles wrestler. But what did the WWE do? They threw him on Raw, where he would become an instant mid-carder.

It bothered me a great deal when the WWE did that.

Let’s look how Jeff has done over the last few years, how he has been pushed over and over and over again by the WWE, and how has he taken advantage of these opportunities.

Let’s just say that if I said he pissed them away, that would be a kind statement. He has screwed up so many times it’s not even funny anymore. Yet here Jeff would remain, in the title picture all the way to the end of his WWE run.

Jeff has always been exciting to watch—there is no denying that, folks. He has every sixth grade girl across the country in love with him. He soars like a bird and gave wrestling a new meaning for the term daredevil.

I don't wish Jeff ill; I may seem to be coming off harsh, but I'm just speaking the truth. In fact, I wish Jeff Hardy nothing but the best in life. I hope that he makes the changes in life that will make him happy. He is now on TNA, and I really hope he can make them better.

I would just like to see Matt Hardy get his proper respect and fame. He has done just as much for the business as Jeff has. It could be argued that he may have even done more. I guess this is a pipe dream though.

However things turn out for both these men, I wish them both good luck and fortune.

Like most things in life, the path these two men have traveled is nothing more than a Twist of Fate.


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