Elin Nordegren May Think She Went Through Hell, Reality Says Otherwise

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Elin Nordegren May Think She Went Through Hell, Reality Says Otherwise
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On the front page of Yahoo Sports today there was an article titled "Interview: Woods' Ex-Wife went 'Through Hell.' The title itself speaks volumes about Nordegren and it has put her on Woods' level.

Nordegren gave her interview to People magazine according to the article written by Nancy Armour. In it Nordegren states “I’ve been through hell. It’s hard to think you have this life, and then all of a sudden-was it a lie? You’re struggling because it wasn’t real. But I survived. It was hard, but it didn’t kill me.”

Yes it must have been bad to have the media hounding her throughout the cheating scandal, but the reality is even if Woods didn't cheat she'd always in the spotlight thanks to being the wife of Woods. 

The article claims that "the car crash outside the couple’s Florida home shattered any hopes she had of a normal life for her and her children." At that moment in time one has to wonder what exactly would be considered a normal life for Nordegren and the children?

Woods was already one of the most decorated athletes in golf's history, he brought in viewers that showed no interest in golf, he was recognizable in about every place he went to, and he was on target to become the first billionaire athlete. 

Normal is not something that would be describing Nordegren's lifestyle with Woods to begin with. 

Did Elin Nordegren Really go through hell or was it embarrassment?

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Armour also mentioned in the article that Nordegren has settled a mile from her ex-husband in a rented, five-bedroom house in a gated community in Windermere, Fla., where Woods needs her permission to get past the guard. The two are sharing custody of their children.

So, because Nordegren was cheated on by Woods she feels like she went through hell, which is understandable considering after the revelations turned her world upside down. 

Let's face facts her though she got an undisclosed amount of money from one of the richest men in sports, she has  five bedroom house in a gated community, and she has a guard to either turn Woods away or let him in. 

Doesn't sound like hell now does it? Maybe the use of the word hell was not the correct choice for Nordegren.

Let's look at some examples and see what hell may actually look like:

Rodney Rodgers is now a quadriplegic after an ATV accident, the story can be found here.

In this years Winter Olympics in Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette lost her mother, but skated just two days later. 

Last year the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim went through hell of their own as pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed by a drunk driver, along with Henry Nigel Pearson and Courtney Frances Stewart. Injured in the crash was Jon Wilhite who wasn't given much of a chance to live, but he came through. 

Imagine the pain the families of Stewart, Pearson, Adenhart, and Wilhite's families had to go through. 

Wilhite's recovery was a miracle of its own and here's an article on his recovery.

Kevin Everett in a game with the Buffalo Bills was playing special teams and just happened collided head down with Domenik Hixon and with the way the impact went he was paralyzed on the play and there were questions about if he would ever walk again. 

His injury is definitely something that would be described as hell, more of the story can be found here.

How about something more recent? Stafon Johnson was involved in a scary incident at the University of Southern California. He was lifting weight when a weight fell on his throat, which nearly killed him. 

Johnson made an amazing recovery from the injury and was signed by the Tennessee Titans as a free agent after the NFL draft was completed. In the first preseason game with the Titans, Johnson dislocated his ankle. 

If anything Johnson had been through hell and back only to have the ankle injury happen to him. A clip can be found here of the ankle injury to Johnson, but don't watch the actual injury watch the reaction of the Titans and how many come out and say a prayer for him. 

Shaun Livingston now of the Charlotte Bobcats is another player who went through hell. His injury is one of the most repulsive clips on Youtube and even though the injury seemed career ending, Livingston is starting to make a name for himself in the NBA. 

Quite possibly one of the most disgusting injuries ever happened to Jason Kendall when he was playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. As he was running to first base he stepped on first base wrong and because of the angle that he hit the bag at, Kendall sustained a compound fracture. 

A compound fracture is when the bone is sticking out. Kendall no doubt went through hell when suffering the injury. 

Houston Cougars wide receiver Patrick Edwards sustained a compound fracture in a game against Marshall when after half time the band equipment wasn't moved from the back of the end zone. As Edwards was running full force he hit his leg on one of the metal carts used for moving band equipment. 

Steve McNair's children surely went through hell as their father was killed in a murder-suicide. 

Last year Scott Schoeneweis' was found dead in their home. 

Erica Blasberg a golfer on the LPGA tour died from a suicide attempt. 

Nordegren may have perceived that she went through hell considering she is now divorced and the media  was all over her divorce with Woods. Yet, The reality is she never went through anything close to hell. 

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