NXT Final Three and Dashing Cody Rhodes

John KindelanAnalyst IIIAugust 25, 2010

We are down to the final three, on Season 2 of NXT, and WWE showed on the episode that aired 8/24, that getting over with the crowd and working the mic are just as important, if not more so, than being good in the ring.

Not one of the rookies performed in any actual wrestling matches, instead we got long introductions, one more chance to get on the mic, a trivia challenge, and match between two 'pros'.

On the mic, the three played it off pretty well, really working what works best for each of them. 

McGillicutty played the Dad card; as much as I don't want to agree with Michael Cole, he's right, McGillicutty has no real personality and is just stiff as hell on the mic.

He might be great in the ring, and his Dad was one of the all-time greatest, but apparently he did get any of that from the gene pool.

Riley was the heel, and he's good at it. Now maybe this is just me getting the quivers because he's the high school jock and I was the comic book nerd, but his rant, his taunting of Sheamus, was spot on.

He worked that mic and could definitely win this competition.

Kaval is the in-ring guy, so sure, why not challenge a pro to a match, especially someone like "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

Kaval called out Rhodes saying that he earned his spot and Rhodes was handed the job because of his dad. Which is odd, because if that's the case then McGillicutty should be handed the win of this competition.

Rhodes responded with taunts of Kaval on how un-original of him to attack him, on who his dad is, and that's how he got into the WWE.

(Well Cody, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... does he notice no one ever says that to his brother?)

Rhodes didn't accept the challenge, he called Kaval the gum on his boot and that his babysitters Lay-Cool, should watch their boy.

This riled MVP, he then stepped in and challenged Cody to a match since Kaval wasn't on Rhodes' level. Good thing this week MVP wore ring gear to the show as opposed to almost every other week.

Their match was the only one of the night, it lasted 25 minutes and Rhodes won. Shocking. 

So sad that one-time dominating heel MVP, now jobs to the guy who was the weakest link in Legacy. 

I'm not a fan of Rhodes, his moves are weak, all seven of them, that include bulldogs and dropkicks.

His gimmick is stale; we've seen this done before so many other times by men much greater than him: Gorgeous George, Adrian Adonis, Ravishing Rick Rude, so many others always playing the part of the sexy or handsome man.

With Rhodes its just ridiculous; he has a very simian look to him, he should be hanging with Roddy McDowall and fighting Charlton Heston. His caveman forehead and duck lips don't help his case, either.

When this started I didn't understand, but then I heard his song, Smoke and Mirrors and I got the joke.

It sums up Rhodes perfectly; he's a ruse, he's an 'insubstantial explanation' he's an illusion, you think he's handsome and a good wrestler but he's just thi's, whats the word, fallacy, I'd say that describes him perfectly.