Darrelle Revis: 10 Reasons the Jets Won’t Win a Ring Without Him

Leroy BridgesContributor IAugust 25, 2010

Darrelle Revis: 10 Reasons the Jets Won’t Win a Ring Without Him

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    It's not the retirement saga of Brett Favre of the never-ending speculation of NBA free agency, but Darrell Revis' contract holdout is gaining some steam to rival those storylines. With Revis and the Jets now having a media blackout on negotiations, reports are starting to trickle out that the end is near for the holdout.

    With no one truly knowing quite yet, the Jets' hopes of winning a Super Bowl could rest on Revis' shoulders. Here are 10 reasons why the Jets won't hoist the Lombardi Trophy if Revis and New York don't reach an agreement.

No. 10 Karma

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    There aren't many people who honestly believe that Darrelle Revis' current contract is fair. In 2007, he signed a $30 million, six-year rookie deal with $11 million guaranteed.

    He's outplayed that contract and watched Oakland go out and sign corner Nnamdi Asomugha to a ridiculous deal. Now, the Jets shouldn't be penalized for the Asomugha deal, but Revis isn't getting fair market value (15 times less than Asomugha) and Jets owner Wood Johnson knows it. Trying to skimp by with one of your best players will come back to bite you.

No. 9: Distraction

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    Every press conference and interview Jets coach Rex Ryan or any of the players do features a Darrelle Revis question. After a while, that gets old and starts to consume more time than it ever should. Couple that with the extra time being invested into trying to figure out what to do without Revis and the Jets have wasted valuable preparation time on this situation.

No. 8: Holdouts Never Lead to Positives

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    When both parties drag each other through the mud to get what it wants in contract negotiations respect is lost. Once that respect between Revis and the Jets has been damaged, he will never play the same way he did before the fiasco.

    Revis is wasting playing time in the peak of his career, as well as money, and the Jets are going to end up with damaged goods or having to trade him away.

No. 7: Opponents Won't Respect the Defense

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    A large part of the Jets' success on defense comes with the swagger they employ. That swagger is backed up by legit defenders who have proven their worth and the schemes coach Rex Ryan has put together. Without Revis, the Jets lose a lot of that swagger and respect opponents have for them when they step on the field.

No.6: Teams Will Be More Pass Happy

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    With the respect factor diminished, opponents are going to try and break the Jets secondary. With Revis out there, teams would shy away from passing the ball to specific players or sides of the field. Not anymore, especially with the quality run defense the Jets have shown. Now, opponents have a good reason to sling it all over the field.

No. 5: Jets' Schedule Features Big-Time Wide Outs

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    There are a good amount of elite receivers in the NFL, but not every team has one. Well, just about every Jets opponent features a big-time wide out who would have been Revis' shutdown responsibility. Here's a list of them.

    Week 1 - Anquan Boldin (Ravens); Weeks 2 & 13 - Randy Moss (Patriots); Weeks 3 & 14 - Brandon Marshall (Dolphins); Week 5 - Sidney Rice, if healthy (Vikings); Week 8 - Greg Jennings (Packers); Week 9 - Calvin Johnson (Lions) Week 11 - Andre Johnson (Texans); Week 12 - Chad Ochocinco (Bengals).

No. 4: Offense Fails Under More Pressure

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    It's human nature to put more pressure on yourself if another part of the team has a letdown. Well, second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez will burden a lot more pressure if Revis isn't around to anchor the Jets' secondary, especially if they get off to a slow start. An inexperienced Sanchez could try to do too much and make too many poor decisions.

No. 3: Trickle-Down Effect on Defense

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    These top three all go hand-in-hand. If Rex Ryan doesn't have the same level of confidence with his defense that he had before, it will affect his play calling. And everyone saw how effective the Jets' defense was when Ryan could blitz whenever he wants in 2009. If he can't do that, then the defense will be in trouble.

No. 2: Kyle Wilson Can't Pull His Weight

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    Revis' replacement, rookie Kyle Wilson, isn't going to be as good, that's obvious. But if Kyle Wilson, or any of the other options at corner, aren't sufficient then the Jets will have a giant hole on defense. One would expect them to have some depth, but with Revis on the roster why would the Jets stock pile corners? They wouldn't.

No. 1: Absence Exposes Weaknesses

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    Revis was a giant asset on the field for the Jets. Any time an All-Pro is on the field, he makes up for other deficiencies of the team. Without Revis out there, everyone is going to find out how valuable he was other than pass defending. Will those deficiencies cost New York games or talk coach Rex Ryan out of blitzing? They very well could.