Tom Brady vs. New York Jets Feud: Where It Ranks Among NFL's Best

Leroy BridgesContributor IAugust 25, 2010

Tom Brady Vs. New York Jets Feud: Where It Ranks Among NFL's Best

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    It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn't like the New York Jets. But what's surprising is that the All-Pro QB is willing to share his hatred for the Jets with everyone. He didn't hold back when he was recently asked about watching HBO's show chronicling New York's training camp.

    With Brady openly ripping the Jets, it immediately became one of the top 10 feuds in the NFL. Not surprisingly, the Jets are represented in a couple other spats around the league. Here's a top 10 list of the NFL's best feuds.

No. 10: Joey Porter Vs. The World

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    Joey Porter is a well-traveled man and he makes plenty of noise ripping anyone and everyone. He's now with the Cardinals and is famous for his outbursts to the media. The list of players he's talked trash about includes then-Patriots backup QB Matt Cassel, then-Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall, then-Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

    It's hard to tell who will be Porter's next victim.

No. 9: Tony Dungy Vs. Rex Ryan

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    Just like Tom Brady ripping the Jets, this feud is becoming more and more public recently. Thanks to HBO's "Hard Knocks", fans have gotten a glimpse inside life as a New York Jet. Through that process, everyone has discovered that Jets coach Rex Ryan uses A LOT of colorful language. Former Colts coach Tony Dungy's response? "I wouldn't hire him."

    Dungy is cut from a totally different cloth than the outspoken Ryan and the two will likely continue to butt heads for a while.

No. 8 Chargers O-Line Vs. Richard Seymour

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    One really good way to get under a player's skin is to play dirty. Mission accomplished for the former Patriot and current Raider Richard Seymour. Chargers offensive linemen Nick Hardwick and Marcus McNeil took the issue public after Seymour played dirty during the 2008 AFC Championship Game.

No. 7: Jason Taylor Vs. Jets

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    The Jets are all over this list. Ironically, former Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor was one of the team's biggest adversaries before joining New York for the 2010 season. The hatred between Taylor and the fans reached a boiling point after a game during the 2009 season in New York when Taylor taunted people and they tossed objects back at him.

No. 6: Tom Brady Vs. Jets

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    Huge surprise here, but Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hates the Jets. With Brady and the Jets competing for the AFC East, one could have imagined he didn't have the greatest of friends on the team. But he made sure to express his discontent with the J-E-T-S, JETS!, JETS! JETS! when asked about watching HBO's "Hard Knocks." "Honestly, I haven't turned it on. I hate the Jets, so I refuse to support that show."

    As one would expect, Jets coach Rex Ryan responded with "Join the club." Both sides will get to express whatever they want in week two when they hook up.

No. 5: DeAngelo Hall Vs. Arthur Blank

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    It appeared cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank had moved on from their feud. But when Hall almost came to blows with a Falcons wide out a couple years back, Blank went on to rip Hall for being "a superior athlete, but he just hasn't played consistently at that level." Hall fired back with plenty of criticism about hiring Bobby Petrino to being depressed about Michael Vick ruining his franchise.

    If and when the Redskins and Falcons hook up next, there won't be any warm embrace that these two men once enjoyed. It will be all dirty looks.

No. 4: Phillip Rivers Vs. Jay Cutler

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    This battle has simmered down a bit in the past year with Jay Cutler now playing for the Bears and not the Broncos, but if the Bears and Chargers ever hook up in the regular season or Super Bowl, sparks will fly.

    This one originates back in 2007 when Phillip Rivers was caught by TV cameras mocking Cutler after the Broncos failed to convert on fourth down. Of course, Rivers blames the origin of the spat on Cutler, who's said "I'll be honest about it - I don't like him. He's playing really good football right now, but I have no desire to be his friend."

No. 3: Brett Favre Vs. Packers GM Ted Thompson

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    When Ted Thompson refused to trade Brett Favre to the Minnesota Vikings for the 2008 season, it was just another source of controversy for Thompson and Favre. As one would expect, the superstar QB and the power happy GM didn't get along for many reasons.

    Thompson let some of Favre's favorite protection go through the years in guards Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera. Thompson also hired Mike McCarthy to take over the team despite Favre's relationship with Steve Mariucci. Also, drafting and positioning Aaron Rodgers to be the franchise's next QB didn't help, either. Favre is an all-time Packer, but he's a source of frustration for Thompson.

No. 2: Mike Shanahan Vs. Al Davis

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    Mike Shanahan's departure from the AFC West to the Redskins hasn't cooled off the high level of hatred he and Raiders owner Al Davis share for each other. It's one of the longest ongoing feuds and until one of them is completely out of the league it won't go away. And we all know Davis won't walk away until he can't walk anymore.

No. 1: Bart Scott Vs. Hines Ward

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    Linebacker Bart Scott has always had a strong dislike for Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, but in the fall of 2007 that turned into a passionate hatred. Ward, who's known as a quality blocking receiver, blew up Scott and Ravens safety Ed Reed on a couple of plays. They were traditional Ward hits and legal by the NFL, but Scott threatened Ward's life later in the game.

    The NFL has stepped in to help ease the rivalry and with Scott now with the Jets, it has calmed a bit, but Scott won't ever appreciate Ward for his "cheap shots."