The 10 Most Embarrassing Sports Fans (With Video)

Christina De NicolaCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

The 10 Most Embarrassing Sports Fans (With Video)

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    Some fans curse. Others heckle players. A few interfere with play.

    One thing's for certain: Embarrassing fans can be found at any sporting event.

    Whether the fan purposely rushed the field or dropped a crucial ball, millions of viewers caught it live on television or watched it over and over again on YouTube.

    They become infamous and legendary, but never because something good came of it.

    Here are the 10 most embarrassing sports fans.

10. Daddy's Little Girl

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    This really could go down as adorable, but the expression on the dad's face is just priceless.

    Unlike the fan who isn't generous with a foul ball, this father, Steve Monforto, handed it over to his 3-year-old daughter last September.

    What happens next made national television and caused millions to laugh.

    Emily threw the ball back. Her father, a Phillies fan, can't believe it.

    Below, someone edits the incident into the movie "Fever Pitch."

9. Taking Candy from a Baby

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    The odds of catching a foul ball or home run are slim.

    So, when it does happen, some fans will try everything in their power to get it and to keep it.

    That's all fine and dandy unless kids surround the person. 

    Not giving it to a youngster? Now, that's just wrong.

    Even worse is when the fan gets in the way of a kid who could have made the catch on his or her own.

8. Running of the Football

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    Only so many footballs make it onto the field for a game.

    They don't go missing often when the refs ask for it.

    Following a USC field goal, a prospective University of Arizona student got the football, hid it under his shirt, and tried to make off with it.

    Instead, a security guard easily caught up to him and he threw it back into the stands for others to fight over.

    No word on whether the kid was accepted as a Wildcat.

7. Caught in a 'Bad Romance'

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    Lady Gaga writes catchy pop tunes and loves watching baseball games.

    The problem? She wears next to nothing, then flips off paparazzi and booing fans.

    While catching the first game of a doubleheader between the New York Mets and San Diego Padres, Gaga moved from her seats to a luxury suite that turned out to be owned by Jerry Seinfeld.

    He wasn't pleased. Neither was the crowd. The Mets ended up turning the incident into a marketing campaign to get David Wright to the All-Star game (which he did).

    A week later she was spotted catching a New York Yankees' game with friends and somehow managed to visit the clubhouse after the game.

    She and Robinson Cano became chummy, and Brian Cashman said visitors aren't supposed to be there in the first place. 

    With her misfortune, plans have stalled to change the line from "disco stick" to "baseball bat."

6. Rivalry Woes

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    It might be mean to put a crying child on the list, but for a Texas Longhorn, this photo should be framed.

    "Oklahoma kid" was shown on TV with Texas about to beat the rival Sooners in a 2006 matchup.

    The little tyke took the loss too seriously, something that the writer of this list did much too often as a child when Florida State and Miami played.

    Except a national audience didn't have to witness the waterworks.

    No word on whether the kid, who may now be a tween, mourns the early departure of Sam Bradford. 

5. Flipping the Bird

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    Soccer fans are passionate. They support clubs as if they were part of the family.

    But what happens when a child starts flipping off opposing fans or players?

    That's the case in the above photo.

    Some might find it funny, but it begs the question: "What were his parents doing?"

    The best part about it might be his jersey with the naked women on the sleeves (Kappa's logo).

4. In on the Action

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    Fans run onto the field in every sport—from tennis to football. 

    One Cleveland Brown fan didn't see what was coming when he decided to make the move during a game in 2007. 

    Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker James Harrison tackled him onto the ground.

    At least it wasn't a security guard putting on the licking. How many fans can say an NFL player sacked them?

3. There's No Crying in Football

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    It's bad enough when a fan's team loses a tough game.

    Some cry, others sulk. For the unlucky few, it's caught on camera.

    Following Clemson football's 30-27 loss to Georgia Tech on Sept. 10, an emotional student was shown shaking his head and remaining on the bleachers.

    He kept shaking his head and staring into space. He threw his hat. His friend remained "stoic." 

    Broadcaster Chris Fowler tries to maintain his composure during ESPN's overview highlight. Adding to the embarrassment was telestrator usage and Jesse Palmer's laughter.

    The only thing that could top the sadness? The Tigers met the Yellow Jackets in the ACC Championship game and lost once again.

2. So Long, World Series

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    This could only happen to the Chicago Cubs.

    Leading the 2003 NLCS over the Florida Marlins three games to two, pitcher Mark Prior took a 3-0 lead into the eighth inning.

    World Series buzz filled Wrigley Field.

    With a runner on second and one out, Luis Castillo fouled a ball toward left field. 

    Moises Alou jumped at the wall and Steve Bartman, a Cubbie fan with headphones on, touched the ball and Alou didn't make the catch.

    The Fish would go on to win the game and the series, as well as upset the New York Yankees for their second championship.

    Bartman had to move. He received death threats and blame for the result.

    It wasn't until five years later that the Associated Press quoted Alou as saying "You know what the funny thing is? I wouldn't have caught it, anyway." 

    Too late for Bartman.

1. Smile for the Camera

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    Everyone experiences trash talking among fans, even the obnoxious drunks heckling at players.

    But Matthew Clemmens, 21, took it to a different level.

    He was sentenced to up to three months in jail and community service for intentionally vomiting on Michael Vangelo and his 11-year-old daughter at a Philadelphia Phillies game on April 14.  

    In May, Clemmens pleaded guilty to charges of assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

    What might be the worst thing about the case?

    The Phillies beat the Washington Nationals 14-7 that day, so why was he so angry?