Chad Ochocinco's Twitter Fine and the Dumbest Sports Fines Ever

Jon StarSenior Writer IAugust 25, 2010

Chad Ochocinco's Twitter Fine and the Dumbest Sports Fines Ever

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    Chad Ochocinco was forced to shell out big bucks once again for using Twitter during the Bengals' preseason game against the Eagles last weekend. 

    This time the Bengals wide receiver was forced to fork over $25,000 for posting during the game, which is against the NFL rules regarding using social media during pregame or the game itself.

    Being fined for using Twitter is nothing new to Ochocinco, but his money punishment was just another in a long line of fines handed down for seemingly innocuous and/or dumb reasons. 

    But was Ochocinco's violation among the worst in sports? What other athletes, coaches, or owners can throw their name in the hat for being subject to the dumbest fines?

Penny Makes the Kid Drink...

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    When Brad Penny was a member of the Florida Marlins he offered the team's batboy $500 if he could drink a gallon of milk in under an hour without barfing it back up. The batboy failed and not only lost his chance at $500, but was suspended by the team for six days without pay.

    Penny? Well, he got off without handing over a cent.

Tuck It In T.O.

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    The NFL is very serious when it comes to the players' on-field dress code.  So serious, in fact, that they fined Terrell Owens $5,000 for not having his jersey tucked in while with 49ers.

Danny Ainge Handing Over Dollars

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    NBA players have to deal with fans trying to distract them behind the backboard while taking a free-throw shot.  They aren't used to dealing with general managers trying to distract them.

    Celtics general manager Danny Ainge made headlines during Game Two of the Cavs-Celtics series for waving a towel in J.J. Hickson's line of sight while the Cavs guard attempted free throws.

    The penalty for waving the towel? A cool $25,000.

Brandon Jennings Gets Ochocinco`d

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    The NBA, like the NFL, doesn't like its players using Twitter around game time. Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings found that out the hard way when he was fined $7,500 in December for tweeting after the game.

Biggest Fine...Ever

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    Bill Belichick was slapped with a $500,000 fine for his actions involving the Patriots' "Spy-Gate" scandal. 

    The fine is not dumb, but what is dumb is that the Patriots were already a constant Super Bowl contending team before Belichick and his staff opened themselves up to being slapped for a monstrous fine for videotaping the opposition.

Pedro Pays Out

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    It was Pedro Martinez's notorious toss of Don Zimmer during Game Three of the 2003 ALCS.  That move cost the former Red Sox ace $50,000, but I think Pedro would defend his action to this day.

Fine Barry!

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    Fine him for steroid suspicion? No. Fine him for being involved in BALCO? No. Fine him for possibly lying to a grand jury? No.

    So what did MLB eventually fine Bonds for?  $5,000 for oversized wrist bands. 

6. Deion Dumps It on McCarver

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    Deion Sanders had a bone to pick with Tim McCarver back in 1992. Then, McCarver had negative things to say about Deion's attempt to play for the Falcons and Braves on the same day.  To get McCarver back, Sanders tossed a cooler full of water at McCarver.

    Deion was fined $1,000 for the soaking incident.

5. Saberhagen Sprays and Pays

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    Bret Saberhagen fell into the trap of the early-1990s Mets mischiefs.  In 1993, Saberhagen sprayed bleach into a group of reporters. 

    Saberhagen was fined one day's pay which turned out to be over $15,000. 

    Bret Saberhagen made over $15,000 a day in 1993. Yeesh.

4. Kingman Gets Dirty

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    Former slugger Dave Kingman was in the last year of his career in 1986 when he subjected himself to the dumbest way to get a fine.

    Kingman, while playing for the A's, sent a live rat in a box to reporter Sue Fornoff. Tied to the rat was a note that said "My name is Sue." Kingman was fined $3,500 and his release was threatened by the club.

3. Jim Mora Jr.

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    In 2005, then-Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora Jr. became one of the first to be fined for using banned technology during a game.  Mora, unsure of his team's playoff chances, took out his cell phone and placed a call during the game.

    Mora was fined $25,000.

2. Mike Tice Scalps Tickets

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    All 32 coaches in the NFL receive an amount of tickets to that year's Super Bowl. However, then-Vikings head coach Mike Tice decided he'd rather sell his tickets to a California ticket agency rather than give them away.

    The NFL caught wind of Tice's scalping and slapped him with a $100,000 fine.

1. Not a Good First Impression

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    Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, and Darrell Arthur didn't quite follow the rules during the 2008 NBA Rookie Transition Program. Rather than taking part in the activities, the threesome remained in their hotel room with invited women and a sack of marijuana.

    Beasley was fined $50,000, and Chalmers and Arthur were each fined $20,000.