TNA 'No Surrender' Matches and Spoilers: TNA Masked Biker Revealed

Stephen LyonContributor IIIAugust 25, 2010

Emphasis: Article contains ***SPOILERS***, who also cite PWInsider as a source, are reporting the 3 following matches being booked for TNA's "No Surrender" PPV. It looks like they were announced at the TNA Impact tapings on Monday the 24th.

  • Douglas Williams vs. Sabu for the TNA X-Division Championship.
  • A.J. Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer for the TNA Television Title in an "I Quit" match.
  • Abyss vs. Rhino in a "Falls Count Anywhere" match.

It was also revealed, reported by, that the identity of the masked biker who has been riding with Madison Rayne is (going to be televised on next week's TNA Impact):

  • Tara


My Thoughts:

  • X-Division Match
    • While I'm quite annoyed that TNA isn't pushing the younger talent through the X-Division, I'm extremely glad that their finally bringing it back to the forefront. Sabu proved at "HardCord Justice" that he can still put on a good/great match, and Douglas Williams has shown that he can put on phenomenal matches with all but the worst talent.
    • However, Its going to be odd to think of Sabu in a match where he's not allowed to use any sort of weapons, and has to wrestle a pure mat and technical wrestler. We'll see how it turns out but I have decent hopes. I pray that TNA uses this to give Williams legitimacy and then allows another talent to gain momentum by taking it, not an old, EV2 member
  • Television Title Match
    • I'm still astounded at the idiocy of this match up, and I'm a huge fan of both AJ Styles and Tommy Dreamer. Does anyone ever see Dreamer tapping out? Not with the image that he portrays, as well as the way TNA is pushing him. He's great, but should NOT be holding that title. I'm sure it will be a decent match, because they both leave it all in the ring, but its a match that shouldn't be happening, especially at a PPV. I hope Styles retains, but I can't see TNA doing that - I really, really hope I'm wrong.
    • However there's an even bigger issue: It is supposed to be a TELEVISION TITLE! This shows how moronic the writers can be. How can there be a Television Title defense when the event is NOT on television. Argh...
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match
    • While he's on the older side of the talent, I'm glad Rhinos back on the scene against one of TNA's bigger names. They can both still go, and should put on a great, quasi-hardcore match. The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation is the perfect type of match for these two to work together, and I have decently high expectations.
  • Tara
    • Everyone in the IWC who's surprised, stand on your head. However, for those who don't read internet rumors and spoilers, it should be a good surprise for them - and the majority of viewers are causal fans, so they should be happy. Good storyline overall.