The "Miz"ing Piece: Why the Miz Should Join Nexus

Kevin GermanyAnalyst IIIAugust 24, 2010

As most of you know, Darren Young is no longer with the Nexus. Also, Nexus powerhouse Skip Sheffield broke his ankle at a house show in Hawaii. With Young and Sheffield gone, Nexus desperately needs some reinforcements to keep the faction going.

With the Season Two NXT rookies likely moving to Smackdown, that talent pool will likely be unavailable. Also, with the overall havoc they wreaked, no Raw superstar will want to join the Nexus.

Enter the Miz.

Remember that the Nexus has never attacked him. The Miz and Nexus have something in common: They have both been underdogs during their entire existence in the WWE. So a Miz-Nexus alliance will have a common starting point.

Now, the Miz doesn’t have to join the Nexus before Night of Champions. It would make more sense if Barrett loses that the Miz joins them in exchange for helping to take out Daniel Bryan or Sheamus.

WWE can also throw Michael Cole into this new Miz-Nexus angle. With Cole having never been attacked by them, this can be legitimized. The love affair between Cole and Miz can still continue. The feud between Miz and Bryan can only get hotter if Miz joins Nexus. Also, Cole can continue to hate on Daniel Bryan and worship the Miz.

Cole can and will become a great heel commentator due to the fact that everybody hates him. If you think about it, Cole, Miz, and the Nexus all have a major inferiority complex. In the end, Miz joining Nexus benefits Cole as much as the Miz.

To give background to the story, the Miz waffled over joining Team WWE for Summerslam ala Brett Favre for the Vikings the past two years. Like Favre, he finally decided to join, but John Cena decided to replace him for his former rookie (and current rival) Daniel Bryan.

It’s like Favre deciding to play. He comes to Vikings practice and finds that a rookie QB replaced him as the starter. Miz must have felt humiliated for being passed over for Daniel Bryan, that loser. What better way to get back at Cena and Bryan than joining the Nexus?

To date, the Miz has feuded with five members of Team WWE: John Cena, John Morrison, R-Truth (briefly), Daniel Bryan, and Bret Hart. Also, he stole a Slim Jim from Edge. The Rated R Superstar won’t let this go down well. He was also a former tag-team partner with Chris Jericho.

His overall contempt of the Team WWE members renders him able to join the Nexus. In fact, he even worked with NXT rookie Alex Riley and Michael Tarver to beat down Daniel Bryan. He can even bring in Riley to make it seven again. This, of course, depends on whether Riley ends up on Raw or Smackdown.

It would only make perfect sense for the Miz to join the Nexus and cash in his MITB contract after they beat down Sheamus. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Assuming Barrett loses the six-pack challenge, he won’t get another title shot anytime soon.

If the Miz wins the WWE championship, the title will be not only for the Miz, but also for the entire Nexus. It also gives them legitimacy, as there is another main event player besides Barrett.

The Miz can be the “awesome” mouthpiece of the Nexus, and can create feuds with Cena, Morrison, or even Barrett if Nexus breaks up and one of them turns face.

In addition, the Miz should join Nexus because they can aid him in his quest to win the WWE title. To return the favor, he can give Heath Slater the U.S. Title or give them credit. After Miz gets that belt, he can always leave the Nexus if Barrett and co. makes him uncomfortable.

For the WWE’s sake, they need another big name to join Nexus, because the angle is quickly losing steam. Skip Sheffield’s injury does not help things. The angle is getting old and stale with the constant cheap, group attacks.

What better way to give life to the Nexus by giving them the Miz? This also establishes the Miz as a main event player.

With potential leader HHH unlikely to return anytime soon, they need an established name to join Nexus. No other wrestler would make more sense than the Miz.

This can also make another Team WWE vs. Nexus match much more meaningful. When it’s all said and done, the Miz and Barrett will be co-leaders of Nexus by the time the Survivor Series rolls around.