Redskins-Colts: NFL Preseason Kicks Off With An Onside Kick

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IAugust 5, 2008

In 2000, Andy Reid kicked off his reign in Philadelphia with, well, a kickoff. An onside one that is, against the Dallas Cowboys. That single act led to a reversal of fortune for both teams.

Philadelphia had been cellar dwellers the previous few seasons, and the Cowboys were the team of the '90s. That all ended in 2000. The Eagles have been the team of the decade in the NFC East, while the Cowboys are just finally regaining their edge after years of futility.

At Sunday’s Hall of Fame preseason opener, Jim Zorn put it upon himself to top Andy Reid by not starting the regular season on an onside kick, but his first game ever. His Redskins recovered it and scored in the first minute and a half, on their way to a 30-16 win over Indianapolis.

It seemed appropriate, since two of the enshrinees (Art Monk and Darrell Green) were Redskins.

Announcer John Madden proved that his senility is kicking in right on schedule, and Al Michaels proved his role simply as just being someone who is there in the booth. After Joseph Addai suffered a strong hit, he was taken out of the game and was walking along the sidelines.

Madden then started saying how when a guy gets hit hard, his teammates take his helmet away so as not to rush him back into the game. Madden pointed this out because he didn’t see Addai with a helmet.

Apparently the camera angles he was getting in the booth were only focused on Addai’s head, because his helmet was in his hands. Oh well. It was a great story anyway, John.

Madden also applauded Zorn’s decision and was saying that he was a good fit for the Redskins. One thing that he should realize, which many already have, is that the Redskins are ALWAYS good in the preseason.

Remember the ill-fated Steve Spurrier reign? The 'Skins, that year, piled up points during the exhibition season and won a significant amount of those games. Someone should have told Spurrier that it’s the college football season that starts in August, not the pros. So if, and when, the Redskins have a great preseason, don’t jump on that bandwagon yet.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the evening was seeing former Giants backup, hefty lefty himself, Jared Lorenzen, in action for his new team, the Colts. I was upset that Lorenzen was let go in favor of draft-bust David Carr, who couldn’t keep a job in Carolina and had to rely on Vinny Testaverde to get off the couch and take over. 

What was just as upsetting was seeing that Lorenzen was the last quarterback to play, which means he’s the lowest on the depth chart. Which means that Jim Sorgi, the lifetime backup and fan favorite in Tennessee, due to his poor play enabling the Titans into the playoffs, is the odds-on favorite for that “job.”

Of course, with Peyton Manning on the roster, it has to be looked on as a job since playing time would only mean a disaster has happened. Lorenzen almost completed a touchdown pass in the last minute, but it was dropped. I don’t know the name of the receiver that dropped it, and don’t care to find it out since that name will more than likely be dropped from the roster during the next cuts.

A memo to Jared: Don’t forget what you are. You’re quarter-got-back. You bowl over the competition. And since you were going up against the third stringers, you easily could have bulldozed them and gotten in the end zone. Just something to think about for next time.