Huge Update On Serena's WWE Release: Mickie James Treatment?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIAugust 24, 2010

The buzz going around the Internet today would obviously be the news of Straight Edge Society member, Serena's WWE release. Known as Serena on TV, she has been a member of the Society since early this year. She has been in the WWE since early last year.

Many want to know why the release came about though. I mean, why release such a talent? Her match wasn't bad, she hasn't been bad on the mic, and she can do well with storylines. Heck, the only real storyline the SES had with each other involved Serena big time.

She was drinking at a bar when CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury came in and caught her doing so. She was forgiven by Punk for her mistake, to Gallows' disapproval.

One question still stemming is why. Well, from the title you see I mentioned Mickie James treatment. Basically, James was released earlier this year because of behavioral issues on the road. Of course, she also did something Candice Michelle made the mistake of doing, and that was saying she would not be coming back after her contract was up.

Candice did this in an interview, and James did something similar. She never said she wouldn't come back, but said she had other projects outside the wrestling field that would require time away from the ring. She isn't a bad actress, as I have seen her work before and she was pretty good. So, acting is a possibility for her, then you add in that she wants to go into country music and signed with a label months before her release.


The WWE was doing their annual Spring cleaning, and cutting talent they didn't feel they needed. James was probably not going to come back and her contract had a few more months on it. To save money, they released her. It's as simple as that.

James was still rumored to have been let go over her behavior overseas. But I feel that is a load of BS, seeing as she was a multi-time Women's Champion and the best female wrestler in the WWE at the time.

But never the less, that is still the story.

Serena was released for the same thing. She had behavior issues on the road, and was told to clean up her act or her contract would be terminated. Unlike James, Serena couldn't just be a b**** on the road and get away with it. The WWE didn't really NEED her, she needed them.

Serena can wrestle in the ring, this much is for sure. She is a former 6 time OVW Women's Champion, so it's obvious she was praised for her work in Indy and developmental areas.

The one thing that is the funniest part of all of this is that she was in line for a push shortly. It's just hilarious that a girl who could have been huge threw it away. There is a chance she could come back of course, as we have seen talent get released before and come back.

She is a talented performer, so I'm sure she is TNA bound. Obviously they could use her with the lack of female talent there right now. It's basically TBP and Angelina Love, that's pretty much it people.

We'll see what happens. One thing this does do, is open the eyes of a lot of talent. It says you can and will get released for behavior if you go over the line. The WWE can always and I mean ALWAYS replace you. You have to come out and do your job and be a good ambassador for the business you're in. This goes for people in any business, not just the WWE.

Lets hope this is a wake up call for Serena on her attitude. Will it improve? Time will tell


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