The Aftermath: Nexus Members after they disband

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 25, 2010

The Aftermath: Nexus Members after they disband

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    For the past three months, The Nexus has been running rampant over RAW. Pure Dominance, as they prove there is power in numbers. But after falling to John Cena at Summerslam, The Nexus bled out one of their members. With Skip Sheffield sidelined with an ankle injury, those numbers are slowly fading away.

    Leaving us the question, What happens when the disband?

    Now with news that the break-up may come as early as October, What direction can the members go in? Can they establish themselves as legitimate WWE Superstars?

    So I devised my opinion on the following slides...

Wade Barrett

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    Unlike the other Nexus members, Wade Barrett is the total package. He has the mic skills, wrestling ability, & devastating finisher.

    Also unlike the other members, He has a championship match at Night of Champions. Being the leader of the Nexus, & the reason for Sheamus currently holding the WWE title. I predict that Wade wins it all Night of Champions.

    Yes, it may be a little premature, but Sheamus won his first WWE Championship after like only three weeks on RAW.

    Wade's got it all, He deserves the WWE Title for actually making RAW interesting again & keeping SuperCena out of the title picture (not that it's a bad thing).

    After the Nexus ends I predict Wade to stay in the main event scene. He will pursue the WWE title, if he doesn't win at NOC.

    As I mentioned before, Wade is very impressive in the ring but this guy....

David Otunga

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    David Otunga. The A'List. This guy has very good mic skills, but wrestling, not so much. After Nexus is over, I see this guy in the mid card. Because of his ability to draw heat, He will likely stay a heel.

     Otunga just needs to focus on his in ring skills, because his finisher.. Botched a lot, to much like Kozlov's. & seems very ineffective to me.

    If he does that, I see Otunga challenging for the U.S. or Intercontinental title. He reminds of the Miz from two years ago. 

    The A'List could be a future World Heavyweight Champion if he improves like the Miz did. 


    If used correctly, he could go on the headline Wrestlemania. Even against Barrett himself. 

Justin Gabriel

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    They call him the "AJ Styles of the WWE". I have yet to see him live up to those words. But out of all the Nexus, he is my favorite. If Gabriel works on his mic skills he could become a World Champion.

     Don't see this happening in the near future though. With his in ring style, Gabriel will definitely become a face after Nexus is over. My prediction is for him to be the first to leave. Maybe after Wade becomes the Champion, he would want to establish himself as a legitimate Champion.

    Not needing the Nexus anymore because his goal was to become the Champion. Gabriel is upset about being used, seeks revenge, but Wade wins in the end.

    If you haven't watched his match with Kaval on FCW. Check it out on Youtube. They looked like bonified WWE Superstars.

Skip Sheffield

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    This guy is a monster. He, in my opinion, is the most dominant member of the Nexus. With his injury sidelining him for an extended amount of time, Sheffield is likely to come back as a face.

    By the time he returns, Wade should be the Champion. Skip may be upset about being replaced, or Barrett's lack of compassion after his injury. OR

    Skip returns as a monster heel. With Kane's retirement likely to occur in the next year or so, The WWE will be needing someone to fill that huge void. 

    Now I'm not saying Skip goes berserk & goes around burning people, & kidnapping smaller Superstars. I say like Brock Lesnar did when he joined the WWE.

    Randomly destroying Superstars is what I expect to see from the big guy.

    Maybe a move to Smackdown would help that scenario.

Heath Slater

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    Like he noted on RAW last week, Slater does remind me somewhat of the Rated R Superstar. Like Gabriel, I definitely see him as a face when Nexus is over.

    Slater got over with the crowd on NXT. His mic skills are a little above average, accompanied with some solid wrestling skills, this guy could fill Edge's place once he retires.

    Now I'm not saying he is good as a Edge, because honestly he isn't, but the 'One Man Rock Band' has the potential to be.

    I see him staying on RAW, or possibly forming a tag team with one of the Nexus.

    Goes after a Mid-card title & has a solid title reign before he steps up in the Big Leagues. 

Michael Tarver

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    Now Tarver has the mic-skills. His in ring ability is OK. Like Otunga his finisher is very ineffective.

    But he can definitely draw heat. With his time on NXT, I hated the guy.

    I believe he & Wade will begin to feud over Nexus leadership. I predict that he stays heel. I don't know if a World Title reign is in his future.

    But with WWE booking these days. Anything could happen.