Forget Mayweather-Pacquiao, Tune into Giovanni Segura-Ivan Calderon

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IAugust 24, 2010

Segura-Calderon will be $29.95 on Intergrated PPV.
Segura-Calderon will be $29.95 on Intergrated PPV.

The Giovanni Segura-Ivan Calderon fight this Saturday should be getting more press. It is that plain and simple.

Everyone wants Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr., but this is the poor mans alternative. You won’t find a better pure boxer vs. pure slugger fight out there.

Segura doesn’t remind me of the Pacquiao of today, but he reminds me of the Pacquiao of yesteryear. He is a little man with a massive punch.

Segura sports a record of 24-1-1 and has won 20 of those fights by knockout. Since losing the only fight of his career to Cesar Canchila, he has reeled off four straight wins inside of the distance.

That includes a return match with Canchila which he won by fourth-round TKO. That fight netted him the WBA light flyweight title which he has defended three times.

If you have ever seen Segura fight you know he is a can’t miss fighter and this Saturday shouldn’t be any different. He will be in there winging power shots with the intent on knocking Calderon’s head off.

Calderon on the other hand is one of, if not the, purest boxers in the game today. He is the polar opposite of Segura in every way.

Calderon proves his boxing ability in every single fight he has because he moved up a weight class, although he was small in his original weight class, in 2007 despite having no punch at all.

He is older, 35 years of age to 28, smaller, 5’0” to 5’4”, faster, slicker, and has no power what so ever. He has six knockouts in his 34 wins.

His last knockout came way back in 2006. Despite that, three of his last four fights have failed to go the distance.

How does that happen you ask. Well he had three straight technical decisions (2-0-1) before beating Jesus Iribe over 12 rounds last time out.

Calderon is one of the very few fighters who knows every in and out of his craft. He has great defense, good offense, and counters punches well.

His chin is good, but he can be hurt. When he is hurt, he does a very good job of staying on his feet by moving around.

He was on the canvas last fight after a flash knockdown, but never lost composure and won the fight easily.

This fight is also like Pacquiao-Mayweather because it will determine who the No. 1 light flyweight in the world is. Calderon is No. 1 and Segura is No. 2, no other way to slice it.

The fight will end up going one of two ways. Segura will impose his will on the naturally smaller man and catch him with a knockout blow or Calderon will box his ears off and win easily.

Both seem like a very real possibility at this point. Calderon has looked vulnerable his last few times out and Segura has the big punching style to expose these new weaknesses.

On the flip side, Segura can swing wildly and he really doesn’t have much technical ability. Calderon has usually feasted on these guys.

This may not be Pacquiao-Mayweather, but if you want something that is very close to it tune into Segura-Calderon this Saturday.