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The Other Side: Breaking Down The Most Controversial Talents Of All Time

Chad PortoContributor IAugust 24, 2010

The Other Side: Breaking Down The Most Controversial Talents Of All Time

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    "He can't wrestle!"


    "You call him a main eventer?!"


    "HE sucks!"


    "Why can't he just retire?"


    - These are the most common and unoriginal insults one can muster in today's era of pro wrestling fandom.  It's almost a running gag.  And it always applies to the bigger and less acrobatic wrestlers.  Internet wrestling fans are as precocious and "all knowing" as that annoying drunk guy at the end of the bar who proclaims that after all these years "he has proof that Bonds used steroids."  Really? Did you get that from hm.....all the freaking new stories?! 


    Wrestling fans follow what their told, verbatim, even more so then people who watch Fox News.  The ability to rationalize is lost on many wrestling fans who follow via the internet; and I can say this because whenever they don't like someone they always say "they can't wrestle" with out knowing exactly what wrestling is. 


    So today, I take the time to educate you on some of the most controversial and discussed names in pro wrestling.  And I will tell you exactly what flaws they have, if any.


    Part 2 coming.


The Miz

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    What he has going:  He's got good mic work, can deliver a promo with out stumbling or slurring his speech.  His promo's carry some emotions, but often times he displays them with juvenile intent, and with all due respect, that is not "part of his gimmick".  No gimmick is centered around a guy being socially inept.   His movement in the ring is below average, you can see that he has to reposition himself a lot, but others do too.  However the one thing that he does have going for him in abundance is fan support and for no other reason then "Being Awesome".


    What he lacks:  Athleticism, An Adult Persona and realistic in ring psychology.  Yes he knows how to work a body part, but what he looses focus on is getting the attention off his opponent and on to him.  That's why you often hear very dead crowds for his matches.  He needs to do a better job of getting his fans interested in his matches, the same way he is able to get them interested in his promos.

Hulk Hogan

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    This is a general observation and not necessarily his current talent.


    What he had going for him: Flawlessness.  He NEVER botched a move. He knew what he could do, and stuck to that.  He was the king of making the best of what he could do.  Ever see Hogan throw a drop kick?  If you did, he was feeling limber that night because it was unlikely that it'd happen.  Hogan was the king of bringing and highlighting power move offenses in the states.   Did you ever see him hit a Texas Cloverleaf?  Nope.  But did you ever see him body slam a guy twice his size?  You better believe it.  Besides that, he was one of the best in working a crowd as a face or heel.


    What he lacked: Diversity.  He always knew how to throw punches, boots, big boots, kicks, clotheslines, slams, any real power move.  But after that you had to really just let him work you as a fan, because after those moves, he usually wasn't going to do anything different. And people bitch and moan about him, but it's true, Hogan up until 03, was able to get people interested in ways no one really thought possible about a match.


    Now compared to then: Now a days, you still get the same situation where he doesn't do anything he can't do amazingly, but now that also takes off half of his move set.  His back is shot, he has a bad (fake) hip as well as a bad (fake) knee.  So he doesn't bump often.  But people still get excited when he's about to go toe to toe.  And he still moves better then Bret Hart, so he can justify getting back in a multiple man match, short of that scenario he can't bump well enough to do anything important. 

Dave Batista

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    What he has going for him:  Believability.  When he threw someone around you believed it hurt.  The thing that I will say about Batista, is like Hogan, he always stuck to his wheel house.  However, he was never as efficient as Hogan was.  He didn't garner the name Botchtista out of spite.  Men who have had embarrassing moments with Batista include, Cena, Vader, Rey, Undertaker among others.  HOWEVER, the reason for this was simple and acceptable in my book: he never list his limitations get the best of him.


    What he lacked: Well, that was range of motion, great ring psychology and his ego.

    The range of motion was a natural deterrent to ever push this guy.  You know he could only do so much, but yet he always impressed you with the same stuff until one day the injuries took away that too.  The ring psychology was an obvious one as he only made angry faces, the thumbs down sign and the rope shaking.  Outside of that, pretty bland.  And his ego isn't a backstage attitude issue.  The same reason I forgave him for botching his spots was because he always tried to impress the fans (whats easier to do, Batistabomb The Undertaker or Rey?).  But in order to do those risks, that means you have to believe you can do it.  And it's that mentality of not knowing where his limits are, is the same reason that he had so many embarrassing moments.

The Briscoes Brothers

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    What they have going for them:  Athleticism out the ass.  These guys could easily be shooting guards on an basketball team or wide receivers on a football team.  They have so much height, strength and range of motion, it's uncanny!  They also have great chemistry together as a team.


    What they lack:  Now this is going to get me a lot of heat but it's true. They lack a lot of stuff, one being how to work properly.  For anyone who thinks Ring Of Honor wrestling is nothing but stupid high spots and no story telling (i don't believe this personally) one needs to look no further then Mark and Jay Briscoe.  They have injured more men (including themselves) then I've ever seen.  Is it a consequence of having such a high impact style?  Not necessarily because I've seen men do the things the Briscoes are doing, with out injuring their opponents or themselves.  These guys have had more injury angles to write them out of feud then Batista did between 2006-2008.  This is all not to say that they can't get past that hump.  They are in the top 4 teams in ROH behind the obvious favorites The American Wolves.  And could be made for an argument of being in the top 10 in all of pro wrestling for talent.  But they make to many mistakes.


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    What he has going for him:  Sting through out his career set the bar for charisma.  He could pump up the crowd, he could get them to think, he could get them to reach a whole new octave. He was that good of a mic worker.  But he was more then just a mic worker, he could work a crowd in ways no one could even comprehend.  When he first switched to the silent "crow" Sting, all he'd have to do to get a deafening reaction?  Just point that black bat at someone from the nWo and the crowd would go nuts instantly.  So when people say that man oozes charisma, ask yourself, can he do what Sting did?  The obvious answer is no, very few could.  But the amazing thing about Sting?  He can put together a great story telling match.  He had his big impact moves, that he always pulled out, but he also had the ability to adapt to a wrestler the way only men like Flair could really ever do.  And it was that and his ability to tell some really compelling stories in the ring that made him the most popular wrestler of the decade of the 1990's.


    What he lacked: He was a draw, had epic rivalries with Lex Luger, Ric Flair and Hollywood Hulk Hogan.  He helped establish TNA with his presence and his legacy.  He showed at the advance ages that he can still deliver in the ring.  But what people criticize Sting about is mainly that he never wrestled in the WWE.  Should that matter?  With his feuds with Cactus Jack, Nikitta Koloff, Ric Flair, Rick Rude, Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Goldberg (to name a few) you'd think not right? But for some reason it's because of the fact that he never wrestled for the WWE that he's deemed "less then" his most deserving legend status.  He's a top 10 wrestler of all time with all his attributes included but it's the lure of the biggest U.S. wrestling company of all time that seems to be his biggest issue to date.  His knee injury in the early 90's is a false claim, as he had most of his great feuds and matches post injury.

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    Did I miss anyone?  Comments Questions or concerns?


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