Sheamus' Title, Reputation on the Line at Night of Champions

Robert AitkenAnalyst IAugust 24, 2010

One of the newest running gags in WWE booking is the fact that Sheamus is so dominant until he becomes champion.

At this stage, during his second title reign after just over a year in the WWE, this gag holds true with almost as much evidence as John Cena's Superman impersonation.

At Night of Champions, as officially announced on RAW last night, Sheamus will defend his WWE Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge against Nexus member Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton, and John Cena.

At first glance, which is probably where many people's thoughts on this match still lie, this match has no real steam. Nothing about it has much rhyme or reason to it. It just seems like a way to get as many of the big names happy as you possibly can.

Moreover, there is a lot of heel vibe from this match. The only true face in this match is Cena, while Orton and maybe even Jericho float near the tweener area.

Personally, I was disappointed, with all of the talk of "opportunity" that only Wade Barrett was a new face in the title scene.

Considering that it was the same talks that placed Sheamus on the fast track, you would think that someone else had earned their way.

They teased us all night with wrestlers on the cusp, such as Ted DiBiase and John Morrison, who were the actual main event of the night (sorry, Zack Ryder).

In the end, five men were chosen for the match. Barrett never competed, but he did have a promised title match to cash in. Jericho, Edge, and Orton all won their matches. However, Cena lost, even if it was by DQ. Legitimize that one, WWE booking.

With all of that aside, Night of Champions gives the WWE their last chance to save Sheamus' reputation. His destruction of Ryder not standing, Sheamus is yet to have a clean title victory or title defense, as stated before by Big Nasty in this article.

Take one man who is a young upstart, much like Sheamus was himself, and four shoe-ins for the Hall of Fame and you have the perfect crossroads for Sheamus.

Anything short of a Sheamus victory at the pay-per-view will mean that Sheamus' character will never shake the fact that he cannot actually defeat anyone whenever the WWE Championship is in the equation.

For the sake of keeping alive the Great White Hope (that just fits way too well, doesn't it?), Sheamus needs to pin either Edge or Jericho, since the WWE would never want the other three to seem too weak by having them get pinned.

They also need to find a way to occupy Nexus for the match, otherwise their involvement would ruin the match, much like Fatal 4-Way.

They also need to give The Miz something to do. He may normally come to the ring with red (his Money in the Bank briefcase), white, and blue (his t-shirt), but that belt with the same colors around his waist needs to be defended.

Someone should also let The Miz know about that 30-day policy with titles that Sheamus was talking about.

He won back the United States Championship on June 14. Since then, I can recall just one title defense: the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view.

Give The Miz a US Title defense, probably against Daniel Bryan to keep that feud fresh.  Occupied with the match too much, it will eliminate the idea of The Miz cashing in his case and ruining the match for Sheamus.

Actually, let him try and cash it in. We all know that The Miz is going to be the first to lose after cashing in. That could help Sheamus' credibility as well.