Where Would a Win Over Nate Diaz Put Marcus Davis?

Brandon HinchmanCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2010

Marcus Davis, UFC welterweight, is about to fight his 24th MMA bout. His opponent? One of the notorious Diaz brothers—in particular, Nate.

Nate Diaz is an extremely talented fighter, and he’s quite experienced. He has a few losses, but they’re at the hands of some of the more talented UFC competition, such as Gray Maynard, Joe "Daddy" Stevenson and Clay Guida.

Nate Diaz is most recently remembered for participating in the Strikeforce brawl whereby Jason "Mayhem" Miller interrupted Jake Shields’s victory speech by inconveniently asking for a rematch. The rest was history.

Marcus Davis has known the Diaz brothers for some time, and he will finally cross paths with one in the UFC. Since both fighters are capable boxers, the chance to see a knockout is that much greater.

Diaz does have a six-inch reach advantage, so it might help Diaz keep Davis from closing the gap to deliver power punches.

Where would a win put Marcus Davis in the welterweight division?

After back-to-back losses against Ben Saunders and, of course, Dan Hardy, Davis recently performed very well against Jonathan Goulet. His only other losses in the Octagon were at the hands of Mike Swick and Melvin Guillard in The Ultimate Fighter 2 finale.

Perhaps if Davis wins against Diaz, a fight against Thiago Alves, Matt Hughes or even Matt Serra would be a good start to have a chance at being on a fast track to becoming a top contender for the welterweight title.

Davis has indicated in a few interviews that he, at least, has a few good fights left in him. Nate Diaz will no doubt be tough, but if Davis did win, would an Alves, Hughes or Serra fight be off the radar?

Hughes has also hinted towards ending his career soon, and Serra is eager to stay in the mix while Alves may still be in the upper tier of welterweight competition.

So perhaps if Diego Sanchez does well, Davis could try to spend his last few UFC fights with a tough competitor who got a slow start in the welterweight division. Davis would be a good test for him.

Be sure to comment and tell us who should Marcus Davis face next if he succeeds against Nate Diaz. Also, check out the exclusive interview I had with Marcus Davis.