How Should Aaron Rodgers React to the Green Bay Packers' Offseason?

Andrew KaakeCorrespondent IIAugust 4, 2008

In the recent media assault on the NFL, Aaron Rodgers' name has been mentioned a few times, usually as being in the way of Brett Favre's comeback. Mostly, Rodgers' point of view has been largely stomped on in favor of the standoff between Ted Thompson and Favre.

Although I'm not exactly a fan of Rodgers, I would like to write a few words on his behalf.

The time: March, 2008. The situation: The football legend you've spent years sitting behind has finally retired. The coaches are ready to hand you the reins, and you're ready to take this team to the playoffs and beyond.

Four months later: Summer, 2008. Brett Favre announces he wants to come back and play. Sure, the guy's awesome, but this was your big break, and now you're second fiddle again...or so you think.

The GM and coach of the Packers both announce they are ready to stand by you as starting quarterback. They say they want you to take this team in a new direction. You wipe the sweat off of your forehead—it seems like your job is safe after all.

The present: August, 2008. Brett Favre refuses to give up and is reinstated to the Packers' active roster. Now you're being told the job Green Bay management fought so hard to protect is up for grabs—and it's a battle between you and the legend himself!

Life doesn't look good...Where are the guarantees of a starting spot? Where are the empty promises of a team to lead?

Yes, Aaron Rodgers was wronged. The Packers got stuck between a rock and a hard place with Favre wanting to come back. Favre flip-flopping was annoying, but it was easily predictable.

You could have guessed that he might want to come back, and plan for what to do if that happens. That doesn't matter now, though—the damage has been done.

Unfortunately for Rodgers, most people, myself included, think the Packers will do better with Favre as the starting quarterback. Would it be impossible for Rodgers to clinch the spot? Absolutely not, but it's also not impossible for me to throw a bouncy ball through a brick wall (it's a weird physics thing—don't ask).

So what do you do if you're Aaron Rodgers, the bouncy ball being thrown up against the brick wall? One, you go through (beat out Favre for the starting spot). Two, you bounce back and turn the tables.

If Favre wins, Rodgers should take his place and pressure the Packers into trading him to a team in need of a good quarterback to lead them to the promised land (i.e. division rival Minnesota).

Would it work? Maybe not, but it sure beats being second string to a guy that won't retire. If it does, then maybe being Aaron Rodgers will be a lot better come the fall.