Aaron Rogers Packers Blog No. 1—You Can't Have a Star Without "A" and "R"!

Mike DussaultSenior Analyst IAugust 4, 2008

What’s up, h8ers!?

Welcome to my kick a$$ new blog!

If you came here to bring negative energy, then back off!  I’m all about the positive vibes up in this joint, baby!

Everybody wants to know what Aaron Rodgers is thinkin’? Well, you can read it right here on this awesome blog (cool name TBD)!

I can even blog while breaking down game film.  Multi-taskin', y’all!!

Now that Brett Favre, or, as I call him—Bert Ferv (LOL), is coming back I want all my fans and supporters to know it ain’t no thang but a chicken wang on a strang (best movie eva! ROFL).

Did anyone actually watch Bert play in 2005 and 2006? He wasn't good.

The 2007 season was just the death rattle. On final gasp and shudder before it all goes down hill faster than an express elevator to hell! Zing!

He should’ve retired a long time ago, but if he wants to come back and try to take MY JOB then I say BRING IT ON, GRAMPS!

I think it's pretty clear the Green Bay Packers have seen what AR brings to the table and they LIKE IT!

What can I say? I got mad leadership skills, y’all! ROFL

Or maybe it’s because I call actual plays in the huddle, instead of say, stories about things like hunting rats in a dump.

Seriously, Ferv thinks he so dang funny all the time. Whipping snow balls at people.  Tackling dudes who totally aren’t ready for it. Shooting people in the ass with BB Guns. Stuff like that isn’t funny. And BBs CAN break the skin.

He’s a bully! Living legend status with ONE Super Bowl, 12 years ago?! Whatevs!

I fully intend to win at least two Super Bowls! And you can put that in writing!

Now ol' Bert thinks he can just un-retire and take Aaron Rodgers' job?! I don’t think so! Not on my watch!

If this is a fair competition, which I fully believe it will be, the grey haired one doesn’t stand a chance.

There's a new sheriff in town and his name is AR.

AR is in peak condition, Bert Ferv is slow.

AR knows the playbook like the back of his massive hands, Bert Ferv makes plays up.

AR takes Yoga to help him focus, Bert Ferv works out in cargo shorts.

AR once stopped a robbery in Bangkok, Bert Ferv doesn't know where Bangkok is.

But most importantly, the Green Bay Packers truly believe AR is the future.

Aaron Rodgers!

Not Bert Ferv! He is the PAST!

So, sit back and watch it rain AR bombs! It's gonna be a fun preseason for Aaron Rodgers fans that's fo' sho'!

I’ll be keeping this blog as a chronicle of the butt whooping which I lay upon poor ol’ Bert! Check back early and often!