Darrelle Revis: 10 Reasons the Jets Must Get a Deal Done This Week

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistAugust 23, 2010

Darrelle Revis: 10 Reasons the Jets Must Get a Deal Done This Week

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    Depending on who you believe, Darrelle Revis could be back in uniform much sooner than originally expected.

    Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News is reporting on Twitter that Revis is expected to sign a deal sometime this week.  ESPN's Adam Schefter has refuted the report and said his sources have not indicated the talks have progressed to a point where a deal seems imminent.

    Despite the conflicting reports Monday, there is no question that both sides would be wise to get a deal wrapped up this week.  Here's a look at 10 reasons why Darrelle Revis and the Jets need to reconcile their differences.

No. 10: Add Another Layer to Hard Knocks

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    As if HBO's hit Hard Knocks needed anything else to make it even better.

    Revis would bring his celebrity to Jets' camp and undoubtedly have some interesting exchanges with his teammates.

    You can bet Rex Ryan would have something to say to his newly-minted cornerback.

No. 9: Help Rex Ryan to Quiet Down

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    It might be all in good fun, but Rex Ryan's bigger than life attitude and language has rubbed some people the wrong way.

    Despite keeping viewers riveted, Ryan's colorful language on HBO's Hard Knocks has drawn criticism from NFL deity Tony Dungy and even from his own mother.

    Ryan has been equally outspoken about his desire to welcome Revis back to the team, even saying that he would hold a team meeting with all sides present in an effort to work out a deal.

    The Jets management probably wishes he would put a sock in it already.

No. 8: End the Agony of Another NFL Holdout

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    There's nothing quite like holdouts in professional sports.  Daily reporters along the lines of "no news is good news" occasionally give way to rumors that are often unsubstantiated.

    And then just like that, holdouts end and fade away as both sides quickly work to repair their marriage.

    The NFL would love to have one of its stars back in the fold.  If Revis signs this week, San Diego's Vincent Jackson will be the lone big name still not at camp.

No. 7: End the Distraction

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    There's no question that the Jets have had to deal with plenty of distractions in training camp as they prepare for what could be a fruitful quest for the Super Bowl.

    The team has been thrust into the spotlight of reality television and faced persistent questions from the ruthless New York media regarding Revis' future.  The contract impasse has become very public, and has remained center stage even as the Jets continue to deal with other pressing questions.

    Once Revis is in camp, the attention will shift to Mark Sanchez's development and the ball distribution between Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson.

No. 6: Nick Mangolds Deal Is Nearly Done

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    Although there are conflicting reports regarding the progression of talks between the Jets and Revis, there is little doubt that the team has reached a deal with All-Pro center Nick Mangold.

    The Jets initially balked at Mangold's demands for an extension, but it appears that a new deal could be announced any day now.

    With Mangold's deal out of the way, the Jets can turn all their attention to getting a deal worked out with Revis.

No. 5: Revis Needs to Keep Reputation Intact

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    Darrelle Revis is widely regarded as the best cornerback in the NFL.  He has maintained a good demeanor on and off the field and almost all NFL fans believe that his current deal is a harsh injustice.

    At the same time, holding out never did a whole lot of good for any NFL player's image.

    Revis was said to want at least $40 million more than the Jets were willing to offer as late as last week, but today's news suggests that he could get his wish and receive a 10-year, $162 million deal.

    If he gets his way, Revis can finally move on with his career and begin to live up to the lofty expectations associated with such huge money.

No. 4: The Jets Would Welcome Back the Best Cornerback In the NFL

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    Things in the Jets defensive backfield could certainly be worse, but the reality is that Revis would solidify what is a fairly average group.

    Rookie Kyle Wilson would most likely shift to the nickel back role, while Antonio Cromartie would start opposite of Revis.

    With Revis on the field, the Jets can essentially take away half of the field from opposing offenses.  Revis is capable of being left alone on his famous island, allowing the focus to shift towards strengthening other areas of the defense.

No. 3: The Jets Can Finally Justify Super Bowl Hype

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    The Jets are a trendy pick to make the Super Bowl despite an unimpressive young quarterback and a defense missing its best player.

    If Revis returns, the defense would be good enough to compensate for Sanchez's shortcomings this season. 

    The Jets will never be a pretty team or enjoy many easy wins, but the team might just be able to scrap and claw its way to Dallas in February.

No. 2: It's Time to Get Into Game Shape

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    The longer Revis isn't in camp, the harder it will be for him to get up to speed physically.  A late start to his season could make him vulnerable to injuries.

    The Jets would likely be cautious with Revis and possibly wouldn't risk playing him in the preseason.  The easiest way for an $162 million dollar man to disappoint is to get hurt, and the Jets can ill-afford an injury to their best and highest-paid player.

No. 1: Its Now Or Never

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    Time is running out for the Jets to get a deal done.

    If New York waits too much longer, the team will likely have to prepare to move on without Revis as the season gets underway.  That means a huge role for Kyle Wilson and added pressure on the entire Jets defense, as well as an offense that figures to be mediocre.

    From Revis' point of view, his stance that he is prepared to sit out the entire season could prove to be foolish if their is any type of work stoppage before next season.

    Revis would be wise to stop listening to his uncle and ride into camp.  Don't be surprised if he shows up towards the end of this week with a new deal nearly completed.