Harrison's Analysis: The Next WWE Main Eventers?

Andre Harrison@@Harrison101HDCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2017

Harrison's Analysis: The Next WWE Main Eventers?

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    With the debut of Alberto Del Rio and the refreshing number of new guys rising through the mid-card ranks on Raw and Smackdown in recent months, I recently got thinking on who could be the next few guys to break that glass ceiling and become bonafide future Main Event players...let's say, by next years Wrestlemania XXVII in Atlanta? There's certainly a number of names that may not necessarily Main Event Wrestlemania next year, but could certainly be in the running. 

    So, here's a Harrison Analysis of 2010/2011 potential Main Eventers!

Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett is a star in the making. Say whatever you like about politics, but if current trends are anything to go by (Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Skip Sheffield), he's the kind of guy that Vince McMahon likes. He's a big guy (6'4", 250+ lbs), he can cut very good promos and generally speaking is someone that when he does something, you'll pay attention to him.

    He's already become the debut winner of WWE's NXT, and now, he's the leader of his own faction, as well as having been the Captain of a team, Main Eventing Summerslam. That's a massive achievement for someone who's only been on the main roster for a handful of months. His in-ring ability could do with a little work, but if he can polish that up, I could see him being a future World Champion, main eventing Pay-Per-Views.

Kofi Kingston

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    Now here's a talented guy right here. When he was put into a programme with Randy Orton, a lot of people saw a very bright future ahead for Kofi Kingston. He cleanly pinned Randy Orton at Survivor Series and was made to look like a star. Unfortunately, he never really rose any higher than that, after Orton's win at TLC and into the new year he got lost amongst the Sheamus shuffle but there's certainly room on Smackdown for Main Eventers right now, given the chance.

    Kofi Kingston is a superb all-rounder. He's a very solid worker, can cut good promos and is always very good at working a crowd into something. Remember when 20,000 were on their feet at Madison Square Garden after Boom Dropping Orton through a table? He stole the show, and I think, given another push at the upper-mid to Main Event level, could do so again.

John Morrison

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    2009 was the year that everyone thought that it was going to be JoMo's year at last. And it nearly was. He turned out to be one of Smackdown's best, and was regularly in the Upper-Midcard to Main Event level on Smackdown. What got him there (in my eyes), was his superb ability to consistently put on great matches with people like Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Edge, and a MOTYC against Rey Mysterio (easily the best TV Match of the Year, go check it out). So a lot of people were behind John Morrison getting a big push...Unfortunately Drew McIntyre came along (I'll get to him later), and JoMo had to make way.

    I think what's stopping John Morrison from reaching the next level is his promos. They're not as good as the top guys, or even his former Tag Team partner, The Miz. He comes across as slightly monotone and a bit wooden. If he could improve his promo work to Main Event standard (and get the HELL off of Raw where he's lost in the shuffle), I could easily see a resurgence for John, because it sure as hell isn't his ability, he's better than about 80% of the current roster where that's concerned.

"Dashing" Cody Rhodes

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    Be honest, when Legacy broke up after Wrestlemania this year, show of hands, who though Cody Rhodes was going to get the bigger push? Hand down at the back! Exactly. Everyone thought it was going to be Ted. What people have come to realize is that Ted DiBiase Jr with his Million Dollar Belt is nowhere near big enough to fill his dads boots. He's not that good in the ring, and has next to no charisma, especially next to Maryse, who actually has some character.

    Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes has been drafted to Smackdown, and I'd argue he's one of the most improved wrestler in the WWE this year. I didn't realize how talented he could be as a singles wrestler, having some very good matches with people like Christian. He's got a lot of ability in the ring, and he's been rewarded for it with a new gimmick, nickname, entrance music, and he's now getting more exposure by being in NXT and having a rookie. He's going to be rising slowly as the year goes on I think.

Drew McIntyre

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    If Cody Rhodes wasn't your pick for most improved wrestler of 2010 so far, then it's surely got to be Drew. Look at what's happened since his second coming in late 2009...He was on Team Miz for Survivor Series, wins the IC Championship at TLC and has a nearly 6 Month title run. And when you come in with the 'Vince McMahon' rub, you know there's something rather special about this man.

    And I think, he has substantially improved across the board this year. They gave him the mid-card ball, and he's ran with it very well. I used to think: "Gosh, I can't stand this guy", and now, I'm like, "Hey, it's Drew, I look forward to watching him now." I think he has all the potential in the world to be a World Champion. Good ability, good charisma and presence, solid mic skills, and a very good look. 

The Miz

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    I think he's the most obvious guy in this list, he got his little Main Event test in the middle of last year when he was thrown into a feud with John Cena (circa. The Bash), and came off very well. Yes he got squashed in the end, but his heel work in general was very good and raised some eyebrows. And ever since then, he's come back with an improved look, his mic skills are now up there with the best in the company, and his wrestling ability has also increased.

    I think it's pretty clear that he's being groomed for a Main Event level push in the near future, with his Money In The Bank briefcase, and his dabbiling with people like Orton, and Sheamus. You could be looking at your next WWE Champion folks, believe it or not.Even if he cashes in and loses, I still think he'll hover in the main event scene. His work ethic reminds me of John Cena...and look where he is now.

Conclusion - The Daniel Bryan Debate

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    I know what you're thinking. What about this man? The Internet and Idy darling, Bryan Danielson. I don't think he'll get there yet, but he's certainly another man who could move up the card very fast, given his NXT history and background. I don't think it will happen just yet, due to the fact you can't push everyone at the same time, but, if the WWE push him right, he could Main Event a Wrestlemania with no issues at all. Personally, I'd LOVE him to be a WWE Main Eventer very soon.

    So, what do you think, are these some of the guys you think could be Main Eventing very soon? Is there anyone else you think that could get a good push in the near future. Hook be up and let me know. Until than, I've been Andre Harrison, and that was your Analysis. Thanks for reading, please like and comment, and Sayonara.