AFC West Fantasy-Star Raid!

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIAugust 4, 2008

I was reading an article today about teams needing one or two players to reach the top. I wondered who would win the division if the teams of the AFC West had two rounds to steal any player off of another AFC West teams's roster.

The rules are simple:

1.  No player is off limits

2.  No drafting players back

3.  Two rounds

Thieving first: Oakland Raiders

Thieving second: Kansas City Chiefs

Thieving third: Denver Broncos

Thieving fourth: San Diego Chargers


Round One

Raiders, DT Glenn Dorsey

The only thing missing from the Raiders' defense is the ability to stop the run. No sooner than KC grabs the young beast in the draft do those damn Raiders snatch him off their roster.


Chiefs, QB Philip Rivers

Despite all the ridiculous talk of Philip Rivers being a horrible QB, the Chiefs know that all Rivers does is win. They have the great running back to keep Rivers from having to do it all himself.


Broncos, RB LaDainian Tomlinson

While they should have stolen Larry Johnson instead, Mike Shanahan couldn't resist the chance to cripple the Chargers' potent attack, while figuring out a way to try to score a TD against the Bolts.


Chargers, RB Larry Johnson

The Chiefs knew this was coming, but they couldn't stop it. Johnson gives the Bolts another weapon to continue their assault on the scoreboard...with Billy Volek at QB.


Round Two

Chiefs, LB Shawne Merriman

The Raiders' Al Davis just missed this premier pass rusher and intimidating presence on the defense. The Chiefs now have the ferocious pass rusher to flatten QB's, like the old, classic Chiefs' defense is supposed to.


Raiders, WR Brandon Marshall

Just when the Broncos thought they would score some points, their big-time WR is snatched up by those hated Raiders. Now, the Raiders have two solid ex-Bronco WR's to help JaMarcus Russell slice and dice defenses with that big time arm of his. Fools should have taken Antonio Gates.


Broncos, TE Antonio Gates

The punch-less Broncos have now jacked the Chargers two biggest playmakers. Even without WR Brandon Marshall, they'll continue to move the ball. But this year, they'll put it in the end zone on a regular basis.


Chargers, CB Nnamdi Asomugha

Well, looks like nobody will complete a pass on the Chargers all season with Quentin Jammer, Antonio Cromartie, and now Nnamdi Asomugha shutting down all receivers everywhere.


Who Would Win the Division

I'm sitting here trying to figure out who would win the division, and I am suffering from paralysis by analysis. It's a toss up.

The Chargers still have Billy Volek, Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers, and Larry Johnson on offense, but they have lost their superstar (Merriman) on defense. However, since they've never lost a game Merriman has missed, they could still pull out the division title without him.

The Raiders should now be able to stuff the run, and with Russell in his second year, with a real WR at his disposal, defenses could be in some serious trouble. The Raiders could make a serious run at the title in this scenario.

The Broncos' defense is still horrendous, but at least they can actually score some points. 10 to 11 wins certainly would be possible with LT and Gates on the squad.

The Chiefs defense already harassed the Chargers' offense enough without Merriman turning the lights out on the QB. With Philip Rivers now comfortable in his third year as a starter, the Chiefs could easily take the division from the Chargers grasp.

However, without that great runner on their roster, they could also windup in last place.