NFL's Top-Five Coaches on the Hotseat

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IAugust 4, 2008

While the list of NFL head coaches under pressure this upcoming season could go on forever, there is a select few coaches that absolutely need to step up and produce this season or it's bye-bye birdie for them.

Many are deserving of this title. Few are selected. Without further delay, the list of the five head coaches on the hot seat, beginning with the hottest seat of all.


1) Wade Phillips

The truth is, it's win the Super Bowl or goodbye Wade in Big D this year. Many fans of the Cowboys understand that it's only a matter of time before offensive coordinator Jason Garrett takes the helm, and many think that if big boy Wade does not produce this season, he gives Jerry Jones all the reason in the world to fire him.

Truth be told, even if Wade wins it all, there's always that possibility with Jerry Jones that he wants new blood in the driver seat. Win Wade. Your job depends on it.


2) Herman Edwards

I think Herm is a great motivator and mentor. With that being said, this is his third season with the Chiefs, and based on his last two season's finishes, it only looks worse this year for the Chiefs. He's not really blessed with a talented team as a whole, rebuilding mode is near for those in K.C.  Get ready for life after Herm if he doesn't make the playoffs this year.


3) Mike Nolan

Quite possibly in competition with Wade Phillips as the No. 1 coach on the hot seat, Nolan is in deep trouble. He has a team that can win, and he's in arguably the worst division in the NFL. He manages to get off to decent starts, yet he cannot sustain a winning season. Nolan must make the playoffs to save his job in SF.


4) Lane Kiffin

His job was almost over before this season started. Fans in Oakland are hungry to bring winning back to the city with a young team willing to learn. Kiffin has the tough job of maintaining lots of egos and rookies, and it will take some time to get used to both JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden. Kiffin has to show some semblance before season's end to keep his tail in California.


5) Dick Jauron/Gary Kubiak/Rod Marinelli

I tried to keep it to five, but with all three of these coaches leading potentially playoff-bound teams, it's hard to imagine all three with the same teams next year unless all make the playoffs.

Jauron has high expectations with the Bills this year, and though topping NE may not be possible, the wild card is.

Kubiak has one of the most talented, underrated teams in the NFL, and it's about time for the team founded in 2002 to make an appearance in the playoffs. They had their spurts last year, and they need to continue to improve for Kubiak to stay.

Marinelli only has one option on his team: win. Detroit needs to stop with predictions and just play. Kitna is a partial reason why Marinelli is in up to his knees. It's the playoffs or goodbye, Roddy.


So, I hope you enjoy these picks. If you have some different ideas, I'm more than happy to hear them.