Joba Chamberlain Adds to New York Yankees' Pitching Staff Woes

Avery DeckerAnalyst IAugust 4, 2008

Today, Aug. 4, 2008, Joba Chamberlain started a game for the Yankees against the Texas Rangers. He gave up five ERs and left the game in the fifth. No one realized.

After throwing a pitch, it appeared that only Girardi and the Yankees' trainer saw a sign that made them think Joba may be hurt.

A surprised group of people stared as Joba was examined on the mound, with the whole infield watching, too. The same thought ran through everyone's head, "Another one bites the dust."

The Yankees, this year, have seen pitchers go down for different reasons.

Where is Roger Clemens? He is shadowed by steroid allegations, as is Pettitte. Chien-Ming Wang was hurt running the bases, of all things, and that made Hank Steinbrenner blow up.

Hank Steinbrenner always needs someone or something to blame. In this case, he blamed the National League for not coming into the "new age" and having a DH.

I can't believe him. He disgusts me. Anyone else?

Then, of course, in the midst of a no-hitter last year, the great young prospect Phillip Hughes goes down with a pulled hamstring on a change-up to Mark Teixeira. This injury kept him out for an extended period of time, and now, this year, he is out with a broken rib.   

Now we have Joba. The last thing that the Yankees need is Joba going on the DL. Maybe not even the DL, but just not pitching the way he has been. The official diagnosis on Joba is stiffness in his throwing shoulder. The Yankees are uncertain whether he will make his next scheduled start. The Yankees will be cautious with the young 22-year old. 

All I know is that the Yankees have some of the weakest pitching in baseball right now, and they have no shot at the postseason without at least one solid starter.

I guess you can call Moose a solid starter, but I wouldn't. I don't really think the Yanks have a shot anyway, but without Joba, or any other pitcher they are missing, they don't stand a chance.

ALL I CAN SAY IS: LET'S GO RAYYS!!!!!!! LET'S GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!