Joba vs. Favre: Clash of the Mythical ESPN Beasts

Joe D.Analyst IAugust 4, 2008

It was only a matter of time before ESPN had to make one of the most crucial choices of its 30-plus year existence. 

Brett Favre, of Packer fame, was reinstated on Monday and could return to Training Camp as really as Tuesday. For the past few days, Derrin Horton of the NFL Network and the deadly combo of Ed Werder and Wendi Nix of ESPN have been staked out in front of Packer HQ which is reminiscent of Sal Paloantonio's reporting with the Terrell Owens vs. Eagles conundrum. 

Thanks to Horton, Werder, and Nix, we know nearly everything about the Packers vs. Favre battle.

The retirement, the marketing deal, the reinstatement, the continued agony of Aaron Rodgers and the awkward quarterback meetings that will soon follow. We also know the ridiculous stat comparisons between the two and Favre's amazing consecutive start streak. They even brought in Ari Fleischer, who regardless of your stance in the political world, who's had to deal with more minor problems like terrorism in comparison to Hurricane Favre. 

If something were to throw off Favre Mania it would be either a Terrell Owens outburst, a Danica Patrick 8th place finish or Joba Chamberlain.

Chamberlain, who I truly believe will be one of the elite pitchers in baseball, has been the MLB's version of every mythical creature created. When he was promoted, ESPN quickly gathered all the peripherals and scouting reports on Joba and just continued as he dominated the eighth inning. 

When Hank Steinbrenner "ordered" Chamberlain into the rotation, the world awaited as Chamberlain made his first start. 

However, he did not record 27 strikeouts on 81 pitches. 

But Chamberlain was taken out of his start with a "shoulder" injury.  As we wait to hear if there will be an MRI, X-Rays or CAT scans; what will the free world do?  

Favre or Joba?  Chamberlain or Brett?  

Chamberlain has just a shoulder injury which gives him the intrigue factor.  We don't know what that injury could be but Favre has those credentials and the moxie of George Clooney. 

I mean, he's just...biblical. Favre 4:17 could very well be the most memorable passage in the Current Testament.

Stay tuned to find out who gets the top story.


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