Chicago Red Stars vs. FC Gold Pride: A Play-By-Play and Other Miscellany

Jo-Ryan SalazarSenior Analyst IAugust 23, 2010

T-60: This week's Women's Professional Soccer Play-By-Play (and Other Miscellany) features Omid Namazi's Chicago Red Stars and Albertin Montoya's FC Gold Pride.

Currently, the Pride are sitting in first place in the league with a 12-3-4 record (40 points) while the Chicago Red Stars are sitting in sixth place with a 5-10-6 record (21 points). Chicago needs to win this game to stay alive in the race for the final postseason slot. A victory for the Lionesses of the East Bay will put them in good stead to win the 2010 Women's Professional Soccer regular season crown and host the championship game at season's end.

T-30: Let's give you the lineups.



Manager: Omid Namazi

Formation: 4-2-1-3

Colors: White tops, green shorts, green socks

1 Jillian Loyden (C)

2 Marian Dalmy ---- 9 Whitney Engen ---- 13 Natalie Spilger ----21 Lydia Vandenbergh

17 Katie Chapman ----  8 Formiga

11 Cristiane ---- 7 Megan Rapinoe ---- 3 Ella Masar

27 Casey Nogueira


Manager: Albertin Montoya

Formation: 4-4-2

Colors: Black tops, black shorts with gold accents, gold socks.

1 Nicole Barnhart

9 Kandace Wilson  ---- 5 Candice Chapman ---- 4 Rachel Buehler (C) ---- 3 Ali Riley

15 Tiffeny Milbrett ---- 14 Becky Edwards ----- 77 Shannon Boxx ---- 11 Kiki Bosio

10 Marta ---- 12 Christine Sinclair


1' - We are underway.

2' - Chicago is wearing special green home outfits as part of a green initiative in WPS. Environmental awareness, it seems.

3' - Here comes Cristiane, but Kandace Wilson is there to mark. Wilson had a knock-on last year that ended her season, but she has rebounded, and here she is on defense.

4' - It's a bit early here, and that pass goes long for Ali Riley. Omid Namazi knows that this is a must-win for his Red Stars. Looping throw-in from Kiki Bosio.

5' - Here's Christine Sinclair, marked by Marian Dalmy. Jillian Loyden will grab that one.

7' - Nicole Barnhart resets for the next sequence by the Pride.

8' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 10 Marta

Excellent counter from Ali Riley, and Marta finishes. Hah. Now the scoring drought is over. They needed that one, too.

9' - Corner for FC Gold Pride cleared by Casey Nogueira.

10' - Whitney Engen keeps the ball in bounds for Loyden, and here come the Red Stars.

11' - Michael Donovan is our match official today. Formiga with the foul.

13' - There's a good sequence for Chicago, but Nicole Barnhart is there for the save.

14' - Red Stars back on possession. Omid Namazi's club will need every touch they can get.

15' - Now that is a bad collision. Candace Chapman seems to be shaken up after trying to win the ball, but she is all right. Ella Masar's head got in the way, too.

17' - GOAL! Chicago Red Stars 3 Ella Masar

Nicole Barnhart needed to make that save. Terrible mistake from the FC Gold Pride keeper. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a game!

18' - It looks like the Pride need to get another offensive sequence going. 

19' - The goal was Masar's seventh of the campaign.

20' - We are 20 minutes into the match, and it's 1-1.

21' - Here's Casey Nogeuira. Excellent offensive sequence, but FC Gold Pride dispossesses.

22' - This is a good change from Formiga to Cristiane, but Barnhart saves.

23' - Here is Tiffeny Milbrett. Too long a pass. Goal kick for Jillian Loyden.

24' - Some percussion can be heard here at Toyota Park.

25' - This is Rachel Buehler, but her pass to Ali Riley is a bit too long. 

27' - Foul on Marta for the Formiga challenge. Marta is appealing the call.

28' - Another solid clearance from Loyden. And here comes Megan Rapinoe. Cristiane is offsides.

29' - It's going to be a possession battle here. It's still 1-1.

30' - Corner for the Red Stars. Nogueira will take this.

31' - There was no one in sight for Marta to pass to. She has every right to wonder, what the heck is going on?

32' - Formiga was offsides, and back come the Pride.

33' - Here is the second corner of the match for the Lionesses of the East Bay.

34' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 4 Rachel Buehler

Rachel Buehler opens her scoring account with a great header from a tough angle. Well played. It's 2-1. And that was a nice delivery from Milbrett.

35' - Nice clearance from Engen. Milbrett called offsides.

36' - In other WPS action, Laura Kalmari was injured and had to be subbed in Sky Blue FC's match with the Philadelphia Independence. That match is nearing halftime, and it's scoreless.

37' - Here is Cristiane, and her shot reaches the hands of Nicole Barnhart. The percussion team gets some face time.

38' - Now that's a speculative shot from Rapinoe.

39' - So we are 39 minutes into this contest, and it's 2-1 FC Gold Pride.

40' - Marta is pushed by Rapinoe, and it will be a free kick to the visitors.

41' - Good clearance from Natalie Spilger. Here is a corner. And that's cleared for another.

42' - Too long, and Katie Chapman gets tripped up. Buehler with the push.

43' - Yellow card FC Gold Pride 10 Marta

Contact from behind, that's a professional foul. Michael Donovan is not taking any chances, apparently.

45' - Yellow card Chicago Red Stars 8 Formiga

Donovan is having a feast with the cards late this half. Goal kick, Loyden.

45' + 1' - An entertaining first half. 2-1, FC Gold Pride at the break.


Chicago Red Stars 1

Ella Masar 17'

FC Gold Pride 2

Marta 8'

Rachel Buehler 34'

FC Gold Pride's next three games include an August 28 road trip to the Atlanta Beat, a September 1 road trip to Sky Blue FC and a September 5 home date with the Boston Breakers.

Chicago has just two matches remaining: a September 1 home match with the Philadelphia Independence and a September 5 home tie with the Washington Freedom.


46' - The second half begins. If Chicago cannot rally back from this, their postseason hopes are gone.

47' - Here's Marta again, and Becky Edwards's second chance is deflected.

48' - Now it's Ella Masar. The Red Stars' Katie Chapman blows that finish, and it's a goal kick for Nicole Barnhart.

49' - Chicago is scrambling for possession at this point.

50' - Shannon Boxx with a bad touch, and it will be a goal kick for Jillian Loyden.

51' - This is Kandace Wilson with the throw-in. Edwards and Marta with the look, and Lydia Vanderbergh with the defense.

52' - Rapinoe slows the pace a little, and here is Nogueira, but the chance for Dalmy is stopped by Riley. Offsides, Chicago. Barnhart with the goal kick.

53' - Free kick for the Pride after the Spilger challenge. Loyden goes off her line for the goal kick. Good pace. Sky Blue FC now leads Philadelphia, 1-0, as they reach the 60th minute.

Barnhart stops the chance for Rapinoe, and wow, what a divot.

54' - She'll be feeling that in the morning, Nicole Barnhart will. 

55' - Too long for Wilson. Vandenbergh with the marking. This is a corner for Marta. 

56' - That went well. It's a goal kick.

57' - Heather O'Reilly with the goal for Sky Blue FC. We are 57 minutes into the contest, and it is 2-1, FC Gold Pride.

58' - Another cleared corner for FC Gold Pride. This is some gutsy defending from the Red Stars.

59' - If these results hold up, I'm gonna have to hope that I have money for a trip to Pioneer.

Overhead kick from Cristiane, but Rapinoe needed to have done better than that. This has been the epitome of Chicago's campaign.

60' - Substitution FC Gold Pride

IN 7 Kelly O'Hara

OUT 11 Kiki Bosio

Shift to a 4-3-3

61' - GOAL! Chicago Red Stars 3 Ella Masar Assist 2 Marian Dalmy

Is this going to be a goal festival or is this going to be a goal festival? It's 2-2. This FC Gold Pride team is not going to win the championship with this backline playing the way they are right now. Unacceptable breakdown, and a well-deserved goal from Masar. She has been the bright spot for this Chicago Red Star team.

63' - Christine Sinclair is stopped by Lydia Vandenbergh. Corner for FC Gold Pride.

64' - Good save from Loyden.

65' - This is Kelley O'Hara. Terrible possession, as Formiga sweeps.

66' - Corner for the Pride.

67' - Good clearance from Formiga.

68' - And Christine Sinclair is appealing the call in favor of Chicago.

69' - The positional minute. It is 2-2. Who would want to play defense? No one on a day like this.

70' - Marian Dalmy will let that one go for a throw-in, and back come the Pride.

71' - Chicago surrounds, but Rapinoe had too many touches and paid the price.

72' - And that was a speculative volley from Shannon Boxx. Speculative passing, too.

73' - Gold Pride needs to go better with their tracking.

74' - And Katie Chapman is fouled. Cristiane and Ali Riley have been in a collision.

Substitution Chicago Red Stars.

IN 14 Karen Carney

OUT 17 Katie Chapman

75' - Good save from Loyden. Barnhart with another save on Masar.

76' - Uncreative on the part on Christine Sinclair, but Loyden should have gone off her line to make the save. Corner.

77' - Another grab for Loyden. She's having a marvelous game so far.

78' - Donovan says play-on, advantage. And Christine Sinclair...have mercy, Miss Percy! That was a finish she should have made.

Substitution FC Gold Pride

IN 19 Carrie Dew

OUT 77 Shannon Boxx

79' - Penalty for FC Gold Pride for a Chicago handball.

GOAL! FC Gold Pride 10 Marta

Clinical and cool as you like. It's 3-2.

80' - We have 10 minutes remaining in this contest. 3-2, FC Gold Pride in what has been a goal festival. In stoppage time right now, Sky Blue FC leads Philadelphia 1-0.

81' - Foul on Cristiane. Frustration.

82' - That was too long for Kelley O'Hara.

83' - Milbrett asks Donovan, "Why the homer face?"

Substitution FC Gold Pride

IN 13 Kristen Gracyzk

OUT 15 Tiffeny Milbrett 

84' - The boobirds rain down on Toyota Park.

85' - Good effort from Dalmy to mark. Formiga should have been sent off for the tackle on Marta. Yep. Homer tendencies indeed.

Substitution Chicago Red Stars

IN 26 Nikki Washington

OUT 21 Lydia Vandenbergh

86' - FC Gold Pride will be wise to consolidate on this lead, as Nicole Barnhart will clear that for a goal kick.

Corner for the Red Stars, and the back line of FC Gold Pride, gee whizniks! They nearly paid for it there. Looked offsides as well. Is this staff of officials a bunch of sympathetic homers or is this staff of officials a bunch of sympathetic homers? Goal kick Barnhart.

87' - Upon further review...yes, it was onsides.

88' - A final from Joe Yurcak Field on the campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey: Sky Blue FC 1, Philadelphia Independence 0.

89' - Top netting. Goal kick. O'Hara and Marta are offsides.

90' - Two minutes of stoppage time on the way. And the long balls for Chicago, the long deliveries...are falling into the hands of Nicole Barnhart. Cristiane blows that one high and into the nosebleed section. Goal kick, Barnhart.

90 + 1' - That shot for Bosio backfires.

90 + 2' - And Marta should have done better. Shot for O'Hara is saved. That is a wrap.



Ella Masar 17', 61'


Marta 8', 79'

Rachel Buehler 34'

FC Gold Pride are the regular season champions. As for Chicago, their postseason aspirations are over. The WPS Championship game will be held at Hayward's Pioneer Stadium on September 26. Stay tuned for this week's edition of the 2010 WPS Power Rankings on the WPS Fan Corner, the View from Victoria Street and on Bleacher Report.


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