Cowboy Fans Give Us a Break: Does America's Team Deserve All the Hype??

Rodney PyatteCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2008

Is it just me or do we hear way too much noise coming from the fans of the Dallas Cowboys? I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a cowboys fan and have never liked the Cowboys. I also know that when the season starts everyone wants to hype "their team", It's a great part of football. 

I do also realize that the Cowboys are serious contenders for the Super Bowl this year. However It seems to me that for all the huff and puff surrounding the Cowboys there's not a whole lot of gridiron glory since 2000. So here are a few Q & A's for you Cowboy fans.

1. When was the last playoff win for Dallas? a. 1996 vs. Minnesota

2. When did Dallas last appear in a Super Bowl?  a. 1995 vs Steelers and won Super Bowl

3. What is the Cowboy's record since 2000? a. Dallas has a record of 62-66 since 2000 

These stats aren't really eye popping! I know what you guys are thinking, Dallas is "America's Team" and I respect and understand the winning tradition in Dallas!

As much as I hated watching the big three (Aikman, Smith, Irvin) dominate the 90's I recognize their greatness! The truth is you don't hear the New England fans (I'm not a New England fan either!) every single year preaching about how this is the year!

Maybe it's just that Dallas is on a bigger stage than the other teams.

Whatever the case, no matter how much talent (or lack there of) it seems that lately "your team" falls short when they are playing on the biggest stage of all. 

There is a twisted part of my soul that enjoys hating the Cowboys every year it's kinda like watching the super jock at school miss the game winning shot or fumble on the goal line.

Dallas fans take pride in your team...but look at the end results and give the rest of us a break!!!!

I welcome your comments.